Stars as grains of sand

I was watching an older Nova program and something caught my attention. I had heard this before but it jumped out at me just now ..

  • There are 100,000,000 million galaxies in our universe
  • Each galaxy contains 100,000,000 million stars
  • Multiply those two numbers together and you get a number greater then all the grains of sand in all the beaches and all the deserts on Earth …

.. and some people will ask .. “Are we alone?”

Kinda silly if you ask me

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Retired from the Army in 2006. Served during Vietnam - 1969-1972 as as 72B - Communications Center Specialist (Teletype Operator). Got out .. and went back in 1987 as a 19K - Armor Vehicle Crewman - (M1/M1A1 tanker) getting out in Korea in 1999. Went into the Reserves .. got mobilized in 2001 .. stayed active until my retirement with 20 years in 2006.


Stars as grains of sand — 2 Comments

  1. I don’t think we’re alone, but I don’t think we’re Star Trek either. I think it’s naive to feel we’re the only planet that evolved. I guess I hope there is other life out there and one day — we WILL BE Star Trek!

    • We are quite a few years away from Star Trek .. at least the Warp Drive, and Teleporter. Some things though .. communication devices are pretty much as good or better then the ones in the series. Heck .. the Holodeck isn’t that far off either.

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