Landscaping Update

Just a few snapshots around the yard. Raining today so won’t do anything.

My ‘garden’ .. that area to the right of the bench will be a small patio’ish area for a grill. The ivy has mostly taken over the area around the tree which is fine with me.

I scratch-built this bench a year or so ago. Weathering nicely I think. Like I said .. the dug-out area is going to be where the grill will go.

The planter is made from concrete edging glued (landscape stone cement) to some concrete blocks. Drain holes drilled through and the thing sitting on the large’ish blocks you see. Pretty simple and relatively cheap.

I was working on this yesterday. The area under this tree stays bare so I decided to see if I could get some-kinda shade loving ground cover .. ivy perhaps to grow there. First .. am leveling the surface. Got this far yesterday before I ran out of top-soil.

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  1. boy you are right about the rain about to wash away down here at the bottom of the hill your garden is lookin good

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