Gravatars or MonsterID

Have you ever wondered about the Avatars that appear in various places on the website including the comments? In the example to the left, Christopher Blackwell commented on Part VII of my Coke Oven Bank and I replied back.

Christopher’s Avatar is a little .. monster .. while mine shows my happy face. What’s up with that?

The answer to that brings up Gravatars and MonsterID …

Here’s a clip from my admin panel showing Recent Comments .. and a few more monsters. Again .. what’s up with that?
To explain why my Avatar shows my happy mug and everyone else’s a little monster you have to take a look at another admin page. Note at the bottom it says .. “For users without a custom avatar of their own, you can either display a generic logo or a generated one based on their e-mail address.

Now of course .. you may wonder why I’m so ‘special’ and get a Custom Avatar while you are stuck with little monsters. Not true Dear Reader .. so .. keep on reading.

Note that in the screen above the radio button for MonsterID is selected. That means that if you don’t have a Sooper Dooper Custom Avatar then one is generated on the fly based on your email address. That works pretty well .. heck .. you even get the same avatar each time. In case you’re curious you can read about MosterID at this link ..

Wouldn’t it be cool though .. if YOU had a Custom Avatar too? How about one that would show up just not on this website but thousands of others? You can .. with .. Gravatars.

Basically (and really .. REALLY .. basic) .. is you register an email address. You upload an Avatar .. then .. on any of a Gazallion websites if you comment, post .. jump up and down a lot .. and use that email address .. you will see your Avatar uploaded.

You get there from here by clicking this link –> Gravatar

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