Red Cross Emergency Ambulance Depot Washinton DC

There are a series of photos of the same place taken at different time ..

Ambulance Depot: 1917 – 1917. Washington, D.C. “Red Cross emergency ambulance station garage, 16th Street,” conveniently next door to F.P. Jacobs, “electric horse-dog clipper.” Harris & Ewing Collection glass negative, Library of Congress.

… if you go to the Hi-Def image we see the Gas Station (well .. the pump) next to the Red Cross Depot. Over the top of the Depot we can see the F.P. Jacobs Co. .. Horse DoG clipper (hope it’s not a Horse DOC Clipper). The guy standing beside the pump is eyeballing the drivers. Note that the building is a single story with copula and flag pole.

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Angels of Mercy: 1917 – Washington, D.C., 1917. “American Red Cross, dedication of building.” These ladies hail from West Virginia. Harris & Ewing glass negative.

.. check out the ‘matronly nurse (Grade Four)’ on the far left. She appears on the far right in the next link.

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Ambulance Station: 1919 – Washington, D.C., circa 1919. “Red Cross emergency ambulance station.” National Photo Company Collection glass negative.

.. business must have been good. They extended the front and added living quarters above. Behind and to the left you can see the tanker. YES .. it IS horse drawn. It’s still there a year later. The Gas station is at this time “Quality Gas ….” and you can see a blacksmith behind .. where it says HORSE …

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Gas Shack: 1920 – Washington, D.C., in 1920. “Penn Oil Co., 16th and M Sts.” Pardon the mold. National Photo Company Collection glass negative.

.. what do you know. Now we can see the Gas Station – Penn Oil Company – 16th and M Streets.. Note the tanker parked next to the Depot. In the comments we have .. “Washington Post, Apr 3, 1912 – Notice is hereby given that the horse and dog clipping business formerly conducted by the late F.P. Jacobs & Co. is being conducted at the same premises, 1611 M st. nw. and rear 1206 D St. nw. Thanking our patrons in advance. F.P. Jacobs & Co.” .. thank goodness is wasn’t either a ‘Horse Dog’ or ‘Horse Doc’ .. but Horse AND Dog. Compare the two photos .. the Depot has got quite dirty in those three years. The gas pump has acquired a “Filtered Gasoline” lettering on the side. Above and behind is a blacksmith .. says “HORSE SHOER”

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