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Years ago I was browsing the Science Fiction/Fantasy section of a book store and came upon a book titled “Outlander” by Diana Gabaldon. Excellent book. It wasn’t until later I found out that it’s placement in the SF/F section was not unusual .. but .. it appears in the Romance section of stores also. Ms Gabaldon managed to write a book that was at one time .. a Romance book (for the ladies), an Adventure book, a Fantasy novel (time travel) .. not one thing but all. A most excellent series.

Several times in the series they talk about the different Clans represented in the book .. one place it says “… Frasers are stubborn, Campbells are sneaky, MacKenzies are charming but sly, and Grahams are stupid.“. Variations on this are repeated at various times throughout the series.

I found this really amusing when while researching my family Genealogy I was tracing my grandmother’s lineage and found many of the same Clan names used in the book. My paternal grandmother was Gaby Vesta McNair. Her father, my Great Grandfather was Roderick C. McNair, born in Mississippi in 1854. Where it gets interesting (in context with this thread) is HIS father, my 2nd Great Grandfather – John Evander McNair. His wife, my 2nd Great Grandmother was Mary Elizabeth Campbell (sneaky then, I suppose). Her paternal grandmother – my 4th Great Grandmother was Elizabeth Cameron. I’m sure the Cameron ‘nature’ is described in the series as Jamie Fraser’s aunt/great aunt (I forget) is a Cameron. Mary Elizabeth Campbell’s (my 2nd Great Grandmother) mother was Eleanor Grant (Grants are stupid .. ha).

Just made me smile .. seeing the same names in the book(s) reflected in my own ancestry.

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