Two Stage 3 CFM Air Vacuum Pump

Placed an order for one of these. On sale for $159.99 .. and again with the $6.99 flat rate shipping decided to pull the trigger on it.

Some customer reviews:

I’ve been using this pump for about 2 months now doing resin infusion and vacuum bagging for carbon fiber composites. This pump easily pulls 29″ when under full vacuum. I would definitely buy one of these again!

Used it 3 times on 3 and 4 ton residential units and pulled down toa 375 micron vacuum in about 30 minutes. I wouldn’t believe it until I saw it. So far a pretty good pump for the price.

Hello all…This pump is rated to pump to 25 microns … Hooked it up to my Yellow Jacket LCD Micron gauge just to see, and what do you know …25 Microns ! Way to go! and at a great price. Very impressed at the quality of this unit. Looks the same as the higher priced name brand units i have seen.

Since I need this to pull vacuum on my RTV molds this should work fine. Looking forward to using it.

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Two Stage 3 CFM Air Vacuum Pump — 1 Comment

  1. Recent Harbor Fright “Inside Track” club special: 2.5 cfm vacuum pump (that does in fact look exactly like the Robinair) for something like $79. They also look like the same units sold on FeeBay under the Viot name, albeit at a slightly higher price than the HF units. Until recently I used to get away with using their ubiquitous 20 & 25% off coupons on top of their sale price and use the extra savings to buy their extended warranties. A good rule of thumb with them is; if your life or livelihood depends on it…probably should look somewhere else. If you don’t mind rollin’ the dice, they do stand behind their warranties (a great thing as long as you don’t value your time or mind having to go back to the store to return and exchange stuff). I might consider one of their pumps if it was cheap enough to buy a pair so that a back-up was immediately on hand, but then it’s just one more thing to drag around in your truck. I’m presently going through the same mental battle myself over a 6 cfm pump, (JB, YJ,…?).

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