TRAXLER in the Confederate Army

Various sources including The Civil War Soldiers & Sailors System –
Provided me with surname TRAXLER in the Confederate Army. I can identify four of them. Anyone know who the others were?

Traxler, E. 26th Regiment, Louisiana Infantry (Emile/Troxler)

Traxler, John W. 46th Regiment, Mississippi Infantry1
Traxler, Thomas E.D. Private, Company G, 39th Regiment, Mississippi Infantry2

Traxler, A.3 18th Regiment, North Carolina Infantry
Traxler, James M.4 1st Regiment, North Carolina Artillery
Traxler, Rufus T.5 46th Regiment, North Carolina Infantry

Traxler, John Edward D. Company H, 11th Regiment, South Carolina Infantry (9th Volunteers)6 [7]
Traxler, John J.7, Company A, 18th Regiment, South Carolina Militia [Died 2 May 1865 in Hart’s Island, New York POW Camp, Buried Cypress Hill National Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY # 2680.] Traxler, William8, Company E, 18th Regiment, South Carolina Militia
Traxler, William Barnette, Company A, 1st Regiment, South Carolina Infantry (Butler’s) (1st Regulars)9

[7] 11th Infantry Regiment [also called 9th Regiment] was organized during the summer of 1861 with men from Beaufort, Clarendon, and Colleton counties.

  1. 2nd Great Granduncle []
  2. 2nd Great Grandfather []
  3. Alexander/Trexley []
  4. James M./Trexler []
  5. Rufus/Trexler []
  6. Half 3rd Great Grand Uncle []
  7. Trexler []
  8. Trexler []
  9. 3rd Great Grand Uncle []
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