Pressure Pot and Casting

Casting Resin With a Pressure Pot
Some good basic info here. He shows the HF paint pot – shows where he runs a diverter to a second pot via a male quick-release.

Note: He says you should “never go past 80 psi. The manual states a Maximum Pressure of 80 PSI – Paint Pressure Pot. Some other applicable info there: Air consumption is 4.0 CFM @ 40 PSI – need that to select a compressor. Required Pressure: 30-60 PSI (that’s for a paint gun).

I think that 50 psi maximum pressure would be an excellent idea.

He also covers some other things such as venting the mold. Good info.

Pressure Casting Tutorial – Part 1
EXCELLENT video. He covers a little bit of everything. He makes a point in using a bolt on the inside of the outlet (no second paint pot). He also covers molds including venting.
Home Made Plastic
Ran up on this video totally by accident.I may try it just for fun .. I mean .. the cost is nothing. A Bioplastic is a form of plastic derived from biomass sources – such as the corn starch in this video (called thermo-plastic starch). I was thinking .. it might be useful for scenic items such as tires. Just a .. hmmmm .. moment.
Pressure casting resin with Cindy at
Cidy covers vacuum chamber to de-gas the resin, pressure chamber. Excellent way she sets the chamber up with shelves.
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