The last couple of days I have been busy working on my garage/shop .. aka junk room. My little house is a “living space over garage” .. originally. At some point a woman drove her car though the garage doors and it was re-built with just a regular door – instantly converting it to a shop’ish thing.

I was starting to have trouble finding my workbench under all the ‘stuff’ .. I can’t find a tool that I KNOW I have .. somewhere .. and the darn thing had started to resemble a junk filled room rather then the shop I wanted it to be. I started to haul off junk, scrap, trash .. and ‘stuff’ I didn’t really need. Heck .. just the lumber ‘bits and pieces’ were almost a load (you know .. you have left-over scraps of lumber from projects that you KNOW you will need later .. and they pile up over the years)

My house was built around 1950. The wiring was all that two conductor (no ground) from the ‘old days’. I’ve pretty much replaced all of that. Whoever wired the thing just ran the wiring under the floor beams and stapled it up. That might be fine for some but it irritated me to no end. They did the same with the water lines. –> insert *sigh*

The service drop is only 100-amps. Insert another *sigh*. I haven’t checked with my local electric guys but looking online there are places that it is as high as $2,000 to upgrade to a 200-amp drop.

When the house was wired they had the power run up to the second floor to an electrical panel .. OVER THE STOVE .. go figure. From that little panel I have .. let’s see ..

50-amp – Range
20-amp – Outlets
20-amp – Kitchen Outlets
20-amp – Lights

.. add all that together and that’s 110-amps .. if I maxed out every circuit. The outlet for the washer down-stairs comes from a drop from the kitchen outlet circuit. The lights down-stairs are on the up-stairs lighting circuit.

.. and I still haven’t added the AC, Dryer and Hot Water Heater in …

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