Shapeways Order

Dropped an order with Shapeways a few minutes ago.

I’ve been watching people talk about scale bricks .. and molds to make them. I decided to try my hand at it. I placed an order for this in White Strong & Flexible. It WILL have texture .. WSF simply does. I’m curious enough to want to see how the bricks come out (this is the master .. so I will cast a RTV mold directly in it.

The plates that clamp the rail to the IBeams for Big Lars’ Pametto Brick Company bridge. This will be in Frosted Ultra Detail.
This doesn’t mean it’s ‘set in stone’ .. I got this from Shapeways after I dropped the order:

Thanks for your order!

We’re taking one final look to ensure it can withstand the 3D printing magic; given the nature of converting digital files into physical products, every now and then we catch designs that will be too fragile to create in certain materials. After we get the green light, we’ll start creating your order in our factory of the future.

Once our robots have finished creating your order, you will receive an email from UPS, which will include the tracking information of your package.

Included in this order are the following products:

1x MoldMaster r in White Strong & Flexible
1x SW PlateVer2 in Frosted Ultra Detail

.. which simply means they may come back with a “We can’t print this” .. leading to foul language and heart-burn.

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