Nov 1st – New day, New Month

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Retired from the Army in 2006. Served during Vietnam - 1969-1972 as as 72B - Communications Center Specialist (Teletype Operator). Got out .. and went back in 1987 as a 19K - Armor Vehicle Crewman - (M1/M1A1 tanker) getting out in Korea in 1999. Went into the Reserves .. got mobilized in 2001 .. stayed active until my retirement with 20 years in 2006.


Nov 1st – New day, New Month — 50 Comments

  1. yeah up early and off to work, meetings all day. Maybe I can get some time in the RR room to put away and finish up stuff. I do have a large limb to cut up on Saturday.


    • Tom. No snow here in South Carolina. Last year it didn’t snow one time .. so have no expectations for it – without a Hurricane .. (which I can do without). 🙂

  2. The other day I took this photo. It might look ‘boring’ .. but it’s the kind of thing I think would make a scene ‘pop’. I have a road .. think I will try something like ..

  3. Good morning all.. funny that the forum should go down right when I get the inspiration to model… but am taking plenty of pictures.

    Has anyone heard from Rick yet? He is from NJ and that state was hit pretty hard.

    • I sent Rick an email a few days ago, and finally heard back from him this morning:

      “Thanks for asking and yes I’m OK.
      My power went out Monday night and went back on last night.
      My internet service was restored this morning.
      So I haven’t been on line till now.
      I just checked the forums and it looks like it’s still down.
      Power might still be out where Joe has the servers.

      Haven’t heard from Joe or the other mods yet.”

  4. For those reading sequentially, I did hear from Rick — he’s okay … more details in a response to Arthur somewhere above. All these different formats! I like the silly little avatars that this page picks automatically. LOL

  5. Well, it’s cool & rainy here, so I’ve brought some hot & sour soup for a warm-up … and some shrimp & eggplant with garlic over brown rice … solly, no dumprings! LOL. But there’s a bunch of little Kit-Kats over on the end of the counter … and if you ask real nicely, I might tell ya where the Girl Scout cookies are hidden! 😉

    BTW, Martin (Milocomarty) was missing the gang and posted over in the Free Rails forum … gave him a pointer here.

    Yours truly,
    The little green amoeba guy!

    • Ed,
      Impressive piece of equipment, looks like a pressure cooker.
      What is it and how would you use it to do modeling?
      Ralph (CN6401)

      • Ralph, similar in concept. It’s actually a Paint Pot. Paint is put in the thing and then it is pressurized. That allows someone to carry it around instead of moving a compressor. You use it to pressurize castings which drives out air bubbles and forces the resin/plaster into the molds resulting in better castings.

        • Thanks, I had a feeling it had something to do with painting when I saw the gauge an regulator. It was the lid screws that confused me.

  6. Dallas forwarded me to this lounge. Glad to hear a sign of life from a few RRL fellas. Keep in touch with ya through here until the forums are up again. Hope ya’ll are doin well after this ugly storm..

    Grtz Martin (milocomarty)

  7. Just finished applying the initial color to cliffs across the valley – need to come back with the base color and lighten up a bit (dry-brush). There will be a spindly trestle for my On18 line there. Need to fix the backdrop, put in trees, and other buildings etc. before the trestle goes in .. unless I have it removeable (come to think of it .. that MIGHT make sense.

  8. Ed,
    Looking good. I pointed Elwood blues here today. I will go through my emails again and try to find the rest of the gang.

  9. @Biglars. Cool. The more the merrier and all that.

    About that pic. I’m thinking .. need rolling hills/sloping ground up against more distant mountains. Something to frame the end of the ‘valley’ .. behind that Critter Shed. There will be at least one other building there. The plan is that entire side on the left will be filled with buildings .. mostly semi-flats. Most of the cliff you see will be hidden by buildings both below and above the On18 track. Of course .. that plan is still fluid but that’s the current thought on it.

  10. Ok guys. This is set up on my WordPress website.. so here’ how it works

    There is a thread called “Lounge” in my blog

    Under that .. I am creating a thread each day .. Nov 1, Nov 2 etc.

    The way it works is .. if you haven’t registerd to my website .. and I haven’t made your a contributor, or Author etc. then you can’ create a new post. You CAN reply to posts (after I approve the first one your post appears with out having to be moderated). That means that … basically .. you reply to my posts. I created a Nov 2 thread .. .. so .. tomorrow you reply to that. Until RRL comes back up I will do this. I have no problem with continuing after .. see how that goes. I know this is just a bit .. made up as I go but really .. you couldn’t post to RRL until your registered. We’ll try to keep ths working and the problems minimal.

    • Ed,
      Your providing a landing zone for a few days is much appreciated.
      It will be good to be able to find folks.
      It is kind of nice having the lounge in the warm sunny Carolina’s for a few days.

  11. WOW thanks for setting up this “lounge” for us Ed…….I’ve been very busy with my house remodel (no time for trains, but I do go up to the new rr room over the garage with a tape measure and do some “dreaming” during coffee breaks…(my wife is a slave driver!, “back to work Tom or else!”

    I’m considering doing Iain Rice’s “Sheepscot” plan for Maine 2′ (30″) It would fit nicely and still give me a little more room for some “expansion” and staging.


  12. Thanks for setting this up Ed. I didn’t realize you were retired Army. Thanks for your service. I’m a retired Army aviator who retired long before you did.


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