Nov 4 – Sunday …

Hehe you guys go. Have fun ….

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Retired from the Army in 2006. Served during Vietnam - 1969-1972 as as 72B - Communications Center Specialist (Teletype Operator). Got out .. and went back in 1987 as a 19K - Armor Vehicle Crewman - (M1/M1A1 tanker) getting out in Korea in 1999. Went into the Reserves .. got mobilized in 2001 .. stayed active until my retirement with 20 years in 2006.


Nov 4 – Sunday … — 37 Comments

  1. Ed, again thanks for the setup.

    Coffee will be ready at about 0630 hrs.
    We have for your enjoyment, some Canadian Back Bacon, Eggs any style, French Toast, Scones and Croissants.
    Oh yes! We got a new specialty coffee maker so choose your brew.

    I will be off early to the Grimsby Ontario area to pick up my next project from my favorite Hobby Shop ‘Just Train Crazy’, we’ll see how it goes and what he will have for me to weather up.

    Enjoy breakfast.

  2. Thanx for coffee and breakfast Ralph ! Realy like this temporary lounge, good way to keep in touch. Not much on the modeling front today I think, have a soccermatch to watch in a few hours. Maybe afterwards I’ll work on a couple of trees more..

    Have a nice day

  3. Coffee here. Bacon and Eggs sound good to me (I’m a simple person at heart!)

    Was at the NMRA Palmetto Division Meeting yesterday and my take on the Clever Models Critter Shed won 3rd place in models. We got there late and a lot of the voting had taken place already so no reflection on Thom at Clever Models.

  4. Good morning everyone.

    Thanks for the coffee and breakfast Ralph.

    Ed, I enjoyed those pictures you posted yesterday and congrats on your award yesterday.
    Also couldn’t agree more with you about Megyn Kelly.

    Martin, very nice looking trees.
    I’ll have to reread how you did it.

    Need to get someone to take me back to my house to meet someone to give me estimate on some repairs for damage that happened during the storm.
    While at home I thought I’d pick up two or three Branchline HO boxcar kits to work on.
    I’ll only need a minimal amount of tools.
    Will also grab a few books to read.

    Hope everyone has or had a great day.

    • I transferred the photos from the garden layout to the computer. I got sidetracked .. been working on what we were talking about yesterday – printing out a distant purplish mountain range for the backdrop.

  5. Good Morning All,
    I just ran trains around last night, repositioned everything, making sure it all works in what ever direction its supposed to. Still manual switches here, they work as long as I remember to throw them.

    I need some help, I saw a ad for a company that sells tender trucks with wipers, or just the wipers recently, and I can’t find that ad or company. I believe I saw it in a magazine, but haven’t refound it yet, if you know of them let me know. yeah yeah I can fabricate them.


  6. Printed out a distant mountain range and glued to the backdrop with 3M 77. Thinkinking I will take a stiff brush .. match the paint along the top edge and ‘fuzz’ the edges a bit .. trees (mountain isn’t THAT distant).. Need a closer in meadow, trees and such I think.

    • Good afternoon everyone. Congratulations Ed. I like the way you used paper and other materials to make the structure even better. Nice progress on your scene.

      I installed a six foot section of chain link fence to the club layout yesterday. It follows the standard brass wire and bridal veil construction. Sorry, Larry, it’s HO.

        • very good scene there george like the fence. like the back drop ed i think you are right about fuzzing up the top and maybe some trees along the bottom

        • Ed,

          I can write up a SBS, but I need to learn how to post it. I have pictures that I posted on the RR-Line that I can use.


          • George,
            If you look under the top menu under Modeling you will see some names you might recognize. I set that up so people can post to their own page. Register to the website and I will set you up as an Author so you can post directly to your own page area. When you goto post you see a recognizable form .. insert images from URL or your hard drive, links, bold .. all of that.

  7. Good afternoon and thanks for the coffee and food Ralph.

    Nice pictures Ed and congratulations on third place.

    Not much modeling for me yesterday as we ended up with grandkid #1 and we went out to dinner to celebrate our daughter’s birthday. I did manage to start the scenery project. Working today and grandkid #1 goes back home after supper so marbe, I’ll be able to do more scenery work after that.

    Martin, forgot to comment yesterday, those trees look fantastic.

    Have a great day everyone.

  8. Glad to see the good turn out in the lounge here!

    Ed — Always good to see your progress.

    Les — Bachmann parts site has various HO & On30 truck assemblies (??)


  9. Hello guys,

    Finally found the email with the link to this forum… I have been shutling data from the recovery after my total meltdown, and restoring emails has been difficult indeed… All is running, and almost everything is saved…. pheew.

    So modeling has been reduce to planting a few trees and priming a few details for painting…. Here’s a photo of the area around Olson’s Wool, which has received twelve new trees, and two original trees have been restored…

  10. Troels — Glad to “see you” here and the recent progress looks great! Santa Claus assured me that a copy of your video is likely to show up under the tree this year! Yippee. 😉

    • I don’t know how anyone would ever want this dude back for an encore. His miserable 4-year track record certainly speaks for itself. Enough is enough!

      • The RRL forum has evolved into one of the best forums online because of a set of golden rules that were put in place. I suggest we observe those rules here to keep the atmosphere congenial, and our interactions friendly.

    • Ok. You are set up as an Author and can create posts. When you do .. look on the far right side where it has ‘Categories’ .. scroll down to you see ‘Modeling’ .. and then put a check in the ‘George D’ box. That will put your post under your page

  11. I did not know the world was ending.
    Had I known I would have done a few extra things today.
    I did play Hockey and my team won. A goal and a helper so I guess if the world ends I will go out a winner.
    All of you that can vote get out there and help. I am still a guest in the US so I will be only watching from the sidelines.

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