Nov 5 – Monday .. the day before the end of the world :)

Pre-Election Monday .. ooooooo

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Retired from the Army in 2006. Served during Vietnam - 1969-1972 as as 72B - Communications Center Specialist (Teletype Operator). Got out .. and went back in 1987 as a 19K - Armor Vehicle Crewman - (M1/M1A1 tanker) getting out in Korea in 1999. Went into the Reserves .. got mobilized in 2001 .. stayed active until my retirement with 20 years in 2006.


Nov 5 – Monday .. the day before the end of the world :) — 26 Comments

  1. Going to fiddle with my little backdrop this morning. Trying to do what’s been tried many many times .. merging the layout into the backdrop so it doesn’t appear that your little world ends .. right there. More coffee first though.

  2. Good morning everyone.

    Fresh pot of coffee and hot water too are ready.
    If this is the day before the last one ever ( I don’t think it will be and I know Ed doesn’t either. Everyone knows the second to last day is 12/2012 [:)]) then let’s have a big breakfast.
    Steak and eggs with hash browns and any other side you can think of.

    Welcome to everyone that signed in yesterday.

    Some good pictures posted yesterday.

    Didn’t feel like going down to my basement on my crutches to get the Branchline kits.
    I’ll try again next time I go home.

    Hope everyone has a great day.

  3. Good morning everyone,

    Thanks for the coffee and grub Rick.

    Rick, I don’t want to criticize your scenery techniques, but i think it would look better if the tree was standing yo instead of lying down 🙂 (at least it didn’t hit anything)

    Having the grandson, did limit my modeling time but I did manage to get a little scenery done alone the removable cliff face, I’ll tack a picture of it tonight and post it tomorrow.

    In the mean time here is a picture I took at the Mt Rainier Scenic Railway.

    Have a great day everyone

  4. Good morning all,

    Just won a bunch of things from ebay. I think I am getting the Les Davis disease of having too many engines for such a small layout. Photos to come soon, as soon as they come in the mail.

    I hope we can stay away from political commentaries for the next few days.


  5. Well .. shoot. I had placed an order with Shapeways for some hubs, wheels and tires for my 1930’ish .. quasi-Ford AA flatbed truck that I had created. Originally the shipping date was delayed due to Sandy .. then today I got in an email that stated ..

    AA set in Frosted Ultra Detail
    Reason: Thin walls
    Additional information: The walls on this model are too thin. Please consider thickening the walls to at least .5mm for this material to ensure it survive post-processing and shipping. See for more specs.

    Well .. this set me back. OH NO! They’ve changed the specs for FUD. But .. I emailed the service dpt and got a response almost immediately .. good. Their mistake. Was told to re-order and send the order number to the customer rep so she could ensure it would get done.


    • The problem best I can tell is someone at the production site mixed up FD (Frosted Detail) and FUD (Frosted Ultra Detail). Minimum wall thickness for FD is .5mm .. and that was what they referred to.

  6. Good afternoon all! Have had a long day at the easel finishing an autumn painting and preparing drawings for a couple of watercolors (for the holiday exhibition…). Hope to get some detail painting going tonight, but first a very hungry great dane demands I feed him… now!!
    Have a great day all!!

  7. Good afternoon folks. I just finished a bike ride. I guess that’s something you can’t do on crutches, Rick. When will you be healed up?

    I’m fascinated with your Shapeways work, Ed. I need to take some time and learn more about it.


  8. Glad to hear from some of you RRLiners. Have a cold one on me.

    No modeling, but I am getting things ready for the winter modeling time. I still have a few things to move from Va. We have the house sold, that’s a big load off my mind.

    Everyone be safe.


  9. Hi all the rilroad line forum is back up!
    Ed Thanks for taking us all in.
    I hope everyone stops in again to read all the great information you have on this site.

  10. Thanks for setting this up, Ed. Now I have to go back to the RR-Line and act like I don’t know any of the On30 crowd.


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