Nov 9 – Freitag

Started out as a very cold morning. Supposed to warm up quite a bit though .. which is a good thing. I have an order from Shapeways in route – hubs, wheels and tires form y Pseudo-AA Flatbed Truck .. the prints also being ‘Pseudo’. They are similar .. based on general measurements such as tire and wheel dia width and such. I have no problem with a generic truck that is 1930’ish .. and Ford AA’ish.

When they get here I will have to decide if I want to use them ‘as is’ (well .. after cleanup) on the model .. or .. use them as masters for resin castings. For the latter it would require drilling and cementing sprues on the sides not seen. It may be easier if I re-designed them with sprues in the print. I’ll make that decision after I hold the current prints in my grimy paws.

Working on a small cardstock shed from Clever Models. Going slow as I’m applicaying individual boards to it and that takes a while. I think the results will be worth it though.

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Nov 9 – Freitag — 8 Comments

  1. First Look
    .. and .. here we go ……

    A quick look. The wax is still heavy on the parts but I wanted some snapshots.

    .. and a closer look. Under the wax they appear to have printed very nicely
  2. Cool! I’m hoping Santa will bring a 1/35 Gaz AA truck so Mr. Mudgeon can have a tow truck one day. (In some parts of the world, this sort of bizarre message would definitely qualify as nonsense-spam … but it sorta actually relates here!) 😉

    • Yeah .. any place else it would make no sense. Like for example .. that I have a 1:48 GAZ AA on the shelf .. but instead of using that, I’m modifying a 1:50 scale Model AA. Many people would consider that slightly crazy .. but figure you understand. 😀

  3. Well heck. I was getting ready to add a post for Saturday .. and noticed that I had this one labeled Nov 10. Ooops. Nov 9. I also noticed that .. no one ELSE noticed anyway! Ok. Changed it .. not that it matters .. I swear.

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