Structure Arrangements

Maintenance Shed etc.
With the Maintenance Shed finished I need to place it. The Critter Shed was placed on a piece of Styrofoam so it was the same height as the track.

I cut out another piece of foam the same thickness for the Maintenance Shed to sit on – then another thinner piece. The idea is a little vertical movement there to make it interesting. I’m thinking that  a rolling hill between/behind the buildings that blends into the backdrop would work .. I think.

If I do that – it gives me opportunity to have retaining walls of various shapes and sizes.

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Structure Arrangements — 2 Comments

  1. I think what I will do is glue down the thinner piece of foam to the layout. The point of having the structures glued to a foam block is so they can be removed for working on .. or taking to say a NMRA meet. What I am planning is to leave a ‘socket’ the shape of the foam block .. allowing me to insert the structure into the layout securely. I will use other foam pieces to form the ‘socket’.

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