O scale – 1:48 scale superstructures on HOn30 track. Now .. HOn30 is actually for running HO superstructures on N scale track. For HOn30/HOn2½ refers to using HO (1:87) using a track gauge of 9mm (0.354 in). Strictly speaking that works out to a 30.8 in gauge. This is only 6.8 in wide for modeling the Maine 2 ft gauge railroads – or 0.078 in too wide .. or .. 0.060 in narrow if modeling the three ft gauge railroads.

Using that same HOn30 track with a 1:48 superstructure results in a gauge measuring 17 in. That’s nominally rounded-up to 18 in.

My question was .. how wide the equipment?

Found the following on Trainorders.com

  • Q: What is the width of a narrow gauge passenger car, and what is the width of a standard gauage passenger car?
  • A: A standard gauge (56 1/2″) car is 10′ 0″, 2.12 times gauge.
  • Colorado narrow gauge (36″) cars ran about 8′ 6″, 2.83 times gauge, while Milwaukee Roads narrow gauge equipment ran closer to 8′ 3″.
  • Maine 2′ gauge cars were very narrow, about 6′ 5″, but that is 3.2 times gauge!

That gives me enough information then to calculate the width of the car for On18 ..

If I keep the same proportion to the gauge that the Main 2′ used .. then …

3.2 x 18 = 57.6″ or 4’9.6″ .. which I will round off to 57″/4’9″. In O scale that is 1.1875″

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