Kitbashing Contest Introduction

Back on May 20, I attended a division meeting of the Gateway NMRA in St. Louis.  I signed up to participate in their 2013 Kitbashing Contest.  Almost 2 months have passed by, and I am thinking I better get started!!


The supplied contest kit is Grandt Lines’ HO kit #5903, “The Reese Street Row Houses.” The buildings can be modified any way the builder chooses, and other components can be used as well.  Also, it is not necessary to use all of the kit parts.  A lot of flexibility with this contest!  The diorama base cannot be larger than 12 inches x 12 inches, but it does not have to be in the shape of a square.


My Initial Plan


I decided to use a drawing from an issue of the NMRA Magazine (“Elliott Electrical” March 2013, p. 32-33).  I really liked the looks of the structure, but I had to modify the plan to fit the wall components of the Grandt Lines kit.  I used card stock to build a mock-up of the structure, but instead of just using the plain white card stock sheets, I printed out clapboard wall sections and tar paper roofing sheets from the Clever Models’ Texture Collection CD I purchased a few months back.  I do not show windows or doors on the mock-up because I am still not sure about their placement.  My main concern right now is the structure and base footprint. 

Here are a couple of photos of the mock-up on a diorama base of black foam core board (10” x 14”):

truck loading side track side loading


I’m not real sure I like the rectangular base, and I do not know if I will include the main track along with the siding.  I may just model the siding and I would like to add some elevation to the scene as well. 

Time is of the essence.  I need to have the structure completed by August 20 and the entire diorama by September 16.


Up Next: 


Finalize door/window placements; begin kitbashing the structure; try out various base sizes




Kitbashing Contest Introduction — 2 Comments

  1. Like using the texture sheets. I have downloaded a couple of single textures from CM for various projects. It is amazing to me that there are people who won’t drop a $1 for that. Shrug. How do you like the CD?

    • The CD is great! I have printed off parts to make a card stock O Scale depot. I have a reference photo of a Rock Island depot that once existed in Missouri. It has been on hold while I am working on the kitbashing contest. Maybe I will get to build it.

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