Kitbashing Contest Part 2

The Structure Takes Shape


I have assembled the structure using the mock-up from my last post as a guide.  Assembling this model required cutting and lengthening walls for the central building and the smaller attached building.  This was accomplished using a razor saw, #11, and #17 hobby blades. Seams in the extended wall sections were filled with Squadron Green Putty.  I also had to cut out extra window openings in several of the wall pieces.  I used one of the wall section’s window opening to mark the location of the ones I needed to cut out.  I used the #11 and #17 blades to cut out the openings in the plastic.  I sanded the openings and used one of the 8-pane window frames to test the fit. 





I used the “hairspray technique” published on Monster Model Works’ web site.  I primed each of the wall sections with gray automotive primer spray paint and let them dry thoroughly.  Next, I painted the wall sections a darker grayish color (a little blacker than the gray automotive primer).  I allowed this to dry, then I rubbed in some black pastel powder with a stiff bristle brush to all of the clapboard wall sections.  I then sprayed each of the wall sections with cheap, unscented hair spray and let the pieces dry before painting.  I then painted the wall sections with 2 coats of acrylic craft paint (Antique White).  I painted the first coat, let it dry, then applied the second coat.  When the second coat had dried, I used a #11 hobby knife and scraped along the clapboard boards to represent peeling paint.  I also used a wire brush (fine brass) to distress the paint and to add some wood grain to all of the wall sections.




After the “hairspray technique” was completed, I inserted all of the pre-painted windows and doors.  The window glass was created using Plaid brand Gallery Glass Window Color.  I used their Crystal Clear color (16001).  I glued these in place and then assembled and glued the wall sections using a machinist’s square to make sure the walls were square and plumb.


I purchased some stone foundation sections from Monster Model Works.  I need to assemble and paint the foundation sections and attach the building to it.  I also purchased some of their cracked concrete sheets and these will be used for the truck loading dock driveway.


Up next:  Build foundations, loading/unloading decking, and add roofs.




Kitbashing Contest Part 2 — 5 Comments

  1. Hmmm. Interesting use of HS. I’ve had success using water to remove areas of paint over the HS but haven’t tried scraping. Have to try that … and as Gary said .. I am LIKING it!

    • I forgot how you told me you did it. I was going to look it up on this site, but I was already at the Monster Modelworks site, so I downloaded his instruction sheet. I am not sure I liked the results on the 2 coats of paint wall sections. I had better results with only a single coat of paint, then scraping.

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