Kitbashing Contest Part 3

Making Some Progress


I ordered some concrete block foundation pieces from Monster ModelWorks.   I assembled these as per the kit instructions.  I painted these with a gray acrylic craft paint.  Jimmy Simmons recommends using the paint full strength, without diluting, and I agree this works better and keeps the wood parts from warping.  I dusted on some black pastel chalk to the finished foundation sections to accentuate the mortar lines and to give it a weathered look.  The foundations still look a bit too uniform.  I will be going back and painting some of the blocks with different shades of gray to add variety.

concrete blocks


Next, I constructed the roof sections from card stock.  I decided to print out some photo textures from the Clever Models’ Texture Collection DVD.  I was going to use a single layer of card stock with a few “patches” of roof underlayment to show through the missing/torn pieces of tar paper* roofing.  The single layer of card stock was not sturdy enough, so I laminated two sheets together with the underlayment only on the underside.  I did this for the small building, but decided to print out full roof sections of the underlayment for both sides of the roof pieces (see photos below). I fastened the roof pieces to the structure with CA.


100_1452   100_1453  100_1455


After the CA dried, I discovered the roof pieces were very rigid and firm…a good base for applying the tar paper roofing material.  I printed out a sheet of worn tar paper from the Clever Models’ DVD and cut these into HO scale 3’ wide strips.  I applied these by rows, starting at the bottom and working up to the roof peaks.  I used school grade glue sticks to fasten the tar paper pieces to the roof.  I like using the glue sticks because they do not impart a whole lot of moisture into the tar paper strips.  I tore/cut some of the tar paper pieces to give a look of a roof in need of some repair.  This allows the roof underlayment to show through where the tar paper has been torn away.  I was careful to hide all cut edges of the card stock by using a black, permanent marker.  White cut/tear lines stand out like a sore thumb!!  I applied a ridge cap of tar paper pieces to each of the roofs.  The foundation and roofs are installed!!


100_1459  100_1460


Up Next:  Building the diorama base.  Adding roofing trim and details to the structure.




*The Clever Models’ Texture Collection DVD has several varieties of roofing material, including a couple of versions of tar paper roofing.


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