Kitbashing Contest Part 4

Getting Down to the Wire


The last two weeks have been hectic to say the least!!!  Time to attach the building to the diorama base. 


I cut out the building base from a piece of foam core board.  I attached this to the structure with canopy glue.  I also applied a pre-colored sheet of Monster Model Works Cracked Concrete to the foam core base as well.  I colored the cracked concrete with acrylic craft paints and pastel powders.  No particular recipe, just kept applying the pastel powders until it looked right to me. 


100_1461  100_1462


I used a 2” block of florist foam for the diorama base.  Not sure why I chose this particular material…probably because others have tried it and I wanted to give it a go.  One nice thing about it is the particles from cutting the foam do not have a static charge like the blue and pink foam do.  No sticking to your hands, face, workbench, model, etc.!  I painted the foam with a 50/50 mix of flat interior latex paint and water (earth color).  Not sure it was necessary, but I wanted to see how the foam would take paint.  Next, I applied a layer of Sculptamold to the base to form the land contours.  I used my latex earth color paint (50/50 paint and water mix) to hydrate the Scupltamold.  I like doing it this way so the Sculptamold does not have a stark white color.  The hunk of Sculptamold in the photo below is an example of how it looks after it has dried.  I also used Monster Model Works Diorama Dirt and applied this to the Sculptamold base after it had dried.  I brushed on a 50/50 mix of Elmer’s Glue-All and water to the Sculptamold base, and then dusted on the Diorama Dirt.  I first sifted the Diorama Dirt through a tea strainer, then strained it again through an old nylon stocking.  The final sifting creates a very fine powder.  I applied the finest powder to the base.  I then sprinkled some of the coarser material over the layer of fine dirt.  Really nice stuff!


100_1463  100_1465 

 100_1467  100_1468


Now it is time to apply static grass.  Ed made me a very nice static grass applicator from an electric fly swatter.  It works really well (Thanks, Ed!!!).  I applied a coating of Elmer’s Glue-All (75% glue/25% water) with a brush to the scenery base.  I then placed a T-pin into the base and attached the grounding clip from the static grass applicator to it.  I applied a mix of static grass (Noch Master Grass Blend 07072) onto the glue being careful not to bump the T-Pin with the applicator strainer…it makes a BIG spark if you do, so be careful!  I also made up some static grass tufts by dabbing a small bit of Elmer’s Glue-All (full strength) onto a cookie sheet in random patterns.  I then attached the grounding clip to the pan and sprinkled static grass onto the glue swatches.  I allowed this to dry completely and will remove the tufts from the cookie sheet with a single-edge razor blade.  I will attach these to the diorama with canopy glue.  SPECIAL NOTE—BE VERY CAREFUL NOT TO TOUCH THE STRAINER ONTO THE COOKIE SHEET.  ALSO, BE SURE TO REMOVE THE CLIP BEFORE TOUCHING THE STRAINER.  THE STRAINER WILL HOLD A STATIC CHARGE EVEN WHEN THE STATIC GRASS APPLICATOR BUTTON IS NOT IN THE ON POSITION.  Got a BIG shock from this too!!  LFMF!!


100_1469  100_1470



Up Next:  Adding static grass,details and final touches.




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