Tofu Brains

Well .. I’m told that “A mind is a terrible thing to waste”. That may be true, must be true, surely is .. true. It is also terrible when what brains you DO have turn to tofu.

I am renovating my house and have been for a couple years now .. in between doing “other stuff”. Yesterday, I was in the middle of putting sheetrock up in my shop. (my shop. My house is two stories .. living upstairs and the ‘shop’ downstairs. It was a garage at one time until some past renter ran her car through the wall. It was repaired as a shop, storage area .. whatever.)

I stopped without putting up the last piece of sheetrock as I needed to finish wiring to the switches at the bottom of the stairs that controls the outside light and the light up on the porch. It made sense to finish the wiring before continuing the sheetrocking as I still had access to the back of the electrical boxes and easier to run wire when you are not staring at a blank wall. Just saying.

Got everything hooked up .. the exterior light working. Check. The three-way switch that controls the light upstairs on the porch .. not so much. Checked .. “ummm .. yeah .. my voltage tester showed I had the switch wired correctly. Went upstairs and inside .. checked the three-way switch there. Correct. Getting juice where I am supposed to when switches are thrown .. but .. no light.

Pulled the light off and checked the wires. No power.


Ahhh. My Tofu Brains.

Tracing wiring ..crawling around in the attic .. and I pieced together the backstory. I had forgotten that originally power was routed from the overhead light between the Kitchen and Living Room over to a switch on the wall to control it .. AND .. to the three-way to power the porch light.

.. and .. the way it was wired it is in series not parallel. That’s why it isn’t coming on. I could fix that by completing the circuit up in the attic but not going that route. I need to replace the wires anyway. I’ve already replaced all the wiring except for the kitchen area (where the switches are). The house was built about 60 years ago and the wiring didn’t have a ground wire. So .. today I will be cutting into the wall to get access to the old wires so I can run NEW 14-2 w/g NM cable.

Since this means I will be crawling in the attic, burrowing though insulation .. and HEAT .. this promises to be a nasty day.

Need .. coffee!

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