Users .. and Spammers

I just checked and had six pages of ‘users’. I went through and deleted everyone that didn’t have a name and ended up with 14 users .. including myself.

The problem is I have my blog set to “anyone can register” ..

I will probably end up turning that off .. and instead put a link in where someone can send me a request to be added. I think that someone sending such a request complete with name and a REAL email would be better anyway. Still .. I added a plugin that is supposed to catch Bots .. I’ll let it go for a while and see what happens.

I could cure the hell out of spam .. use a 9mm to the back their heads.

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Retired from the Army in 2006. Served during Vietnam - 1969-1972 as as 72B - Communications Center Specialist (Teletype Operator). Got out .. and went back in 1987 as a 19K - Armor Vehicle Crewman - (M1/M1A1 tanker) getting out in Korea in 1999. Went into the Reserves .. got mobilized in 2001 .. stayed active until my retirement with 20 years in 2006.


Users .. and Spammers — 5 Comments

  1. I think that 9 might be too kind, use a 22 and make it hurt for awhile first. People need to be more productive on their own and stop tagging on others coattails.

  2. I caught the tag-end of something on the radio the other day. They caught and prosecuted what they described as the worst identity thief in the US. So .. he gets prison time .. whatever that means since the way the system work he could get out early. He had to pay back millions .

    my question is .. why is he still breathing? Why isn’t he in a freaking hole in the ground?

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