What am I up to?

what am I up to?  More like what I’m NOT up to.   I have a layout in progress, multiple P48 conversions in progress, family and work.  Ed’s giving me a space here to post my progress, as little as it may be.


Take care


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      • Ha. I had your comment this morning “Waiting for Approval”. I had forgotten that the first time someone comments it has to be approved. Thereafter .. the software assumes that you are a “Good Guy”, not a spammer and allows your comments without having to be approved.

  1. Oh good, I was able to reply on my cell phone.

    If I can find time today, I’ll start a post about the CPRail Green Newsprint car. Should be decaling it today.


    • Can be useful .. like trying to match that green boxcar .. Just post and then link to the post so others can comment. If you right click on the red time stamp above a post .. like your .. October 30, 2016 at 10:54 am .. then you can copy the URL to the post .. that is what it is

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