MicroMimesis is the name for my company (to be). Right now I only have a store set up on Shapeways .. but .. I DO have the Domain Name – MicroMimesis.com registered. My plan is to supply a few items for the Model Railroad and Military Modeler. At some point I need to set up a website/store .. but .. need products first!

Shapeways Order

Dropped an order with Shapeways a few minutes ago.

I’ve been watching people talk about scale bricks .. and molds to make them. I decided to try my hand at it. I placed an order for this in White Strong & Flexible. It WILL have texture .. WSF simply does. I’m curious enough to want to see how the bricks come out (this is the master .. so I will cast a RTV mold directly in it.

The plates that clamp the rail to the IBeams for Big Lars’ Pametto Brick Company bridge. This will be in Frosted Ultra Detail.
This doesn’t mean it’s ‘set in stone’ .. I got this from Shapeways after I dropped the order:

Thanks for your order!

We’re taking one final look to ensure it can withstand the 3D printing magic; given the nature of converting digital files into physical products, every now and then we catch designs that will be too fragile to create in certain materials. After we get the green light, we’ll start creating your order in our factory of the future.

Once our robots have finished creating your order, you will receive an email from UPS, which will include the tracking information of your package.

Included in this order are the following products:

1x MoldMaster r in White Strong & Flexible
1x SW PlateVer2 in Frosted Ultra Detail

.. which simply means they may come back with a “We can’t print this” .. leading to foul language and heart-burn.

Emglo 1.1 HP 4-Gallon 125 PSI Electric Air Compressor

I picked up one of these day so .. slowly progressing toward setting up for casting.

1.1 HP 4-Gallon 125 PSI Electric Air Compressor

Oil lubricated pump with cast iron cylinders provides over 1500 running life hours
4.0 SCFM delivered @ 90 PSI pump, 4.0 gallon tank and 125 max PSI enables more nails to be fired and provides quicker recovery

Air Delivery SCFM @ 40PSI 4.0
Air Delivery SCFM @ 90PSI 3.8

Two Stage 3 CFM Air Vacuum Pump

Placed an order for one of these. On sale for $159.99 .. and again with the $6.99 flat rate shipping decided to pull the trigger on it.

Some customer reviews:

I’ve been using this pump for about 2 months now doing resin infusion and vacuum bagging for carbon fiber composites. This pump easily pulls 29″ when under full vacuum. I would definitely buy one of these again!

Used it 3 times on 3 and 4 ton residential units and pulled down toa 375 micron vacuum in about 30 minutes. I wouldn’t believe it until I saw it. So far a pretty good pump for the price.

Hello all…This pump is rated to pump to 25 microns … Hooked it up to my Yellow Jacket LCD Micron gauge just to see, and what do you know …25 Microns ! Way to go! and at a great price. Very impressed at the quality of this unit. Looks the same as the higher priced name brand units i have seen.

Since I need this to pull vacuum on my RTV molds this should work fine. Looking forward to using it.

2-1/2 Gal Pressure Tank

Placed an order for one of these. With it on sale for $79.00 .. and $6.96 flat rate shipping .. figured to go for it.

Decided to “go for it” as I said. To get good resin castings so that all the voids and all the details are filled you need to cast under pressure. I would hesitate to run this up to 50psi .. but it should work fine at around 30psi. I believe that may be enough. In the reviews I found …

We bought this 1 1/2 years ago and I converted it to use as a degassing chamber/injection molder. I just added a few valves and gauges and use an external vaccuum generator. This tank withstands vacuum over 29 inches of mercury and pressures over 85 psi with no ill effects. (I did cast an “in situ” silicone gasket to replace the factory seal.) We have done hunderds of castings and it’s still going strong. I’m looking to buy another one.

For Sculptors and prototypers this tank takes a beating like a WWII tank. Mine is set up as a pressure tank for pressurizing silicone or resin. I have pressurized it up to 60 to 70 PSI and never had a problem. Now I use it from 30 to 60 PSI. I have done hundreds of casts and dozens of silicone molds, and never a problem or leak!!!! I’m looking for another.

That first quote .. if I am reading that correctly .. is saying he/she is using it both as a vacuum chamber and as a pressure tank. Interesting. If you look at the photo – the four clamps are there to hold the lid on when used as a pressure tank. Vacuum chambers are routinely made from heavy PVC pipe couplings and 1/2″ Lexan plastic. Since it would be ‘sucking’ the lid down – I found the idea of using the device for both vacuum and pressure appealing. The plumbing might be a problem .. but I could probably figure it out.