Formlabs Form 1+

Formlabs Form1+

  • Form1+ : $3299
  • 1 liter Resin : $149 – Clear, White, Gray and Black.
  • Material properties : ABS-like Acrylate Photopolymer Resin
  • Build Volume : 125 x 125 x165 mm / 4.9 x 4.9 x 6.5 in.
  • Layer thickness : 25, 50, or 100 microns / .025, .050, or .1 mm
  • Min feature Size : 300 microns / .3 mm

I spoke to Jon Bryant at Formlabs. He said that any questions to contact him at or phone: 617.932.5227 ext766
I was really impressed with the sample they sent. This was printed at the 100 micron layer thickness – taking a couple of hours. Printing at 25 microns would take approximately four times as long.

This in a way acts as a lead-in to Shapeways FUD. Shapeways charges $3.49 cm3 for FUD (Frosted Ultra Detail). The 1 liter of resin from Formlabs costs $149 .. which works out to $0.15 cm3. While there may be a difference in resin cost between what Shapeways and Formalabs use I suspect that the major cost difference is the print time is figured into the Shapeways charge.

Formlabs says that 77 of the chess pieces could be printed from one bottle of resin. That works out to 1000 cm3/77 or each chess piece having a volume of 13 cm3. At $.015 per cm3 for the resin then each chess piece would cost you $2. That same volume at Shapeways would be 13 x $3.49 or $45.37 .. not counting the $5 handling charge and approximate $5 shipping.

I haven’t sawn, beaten, stomped or otherwise tried to kill the chess piece. Just holding it in my hands it appears to be solid, strong and durable. It (the resin) is described as “like ABS”. Jon mentioned that if you go to the community forum there is the usual ‘formeze discussions’ .. that some have electroplated the plastic (yes .. ABS can be electroplated) to increase the strength of parts.

Is it worth $3299 to you? Donno. Would it be useful in Model Railroading / Military Modeling in creating your own parts? Sure.
I’m impressed with the quality of the sample they sent me. This machine is .. IMO .. where 3D printers take off from ‘kit built’ to professional printers.

Image3The sample came to me nicely packaged as you see here. It is a rook that would I think make any chess player happy to have (well .. unless they were of the *cough* .. elite such as from Hollywood or Washington D.C.
Image6Looks pretty darn good. There is some layering evident next to my thumb and just above where the base necks down to the spiral trunk. Remember this was printed at the 100 micron layer. Obviously, printing at 50 microns would reduce that layering by half and printing at 25 microns by a quarter .. of course the printing time would increase proportionally.
Image7A view from the top and we can see the helical stairs spiraling down into the body of the tower and the lettering nicely done on top.


Formlabs Form 1+ — 2 Comments

  1. I got the same sample and it literally broke apart in under 10 seconds. I put the slightest pressure on it to see it’s rigidity and snap.

    • You should send it back with that result. I thought it solid enough but I didn’t ry to test the rigidity either. I should say that the one UV Resin that I am familiar with .. FUD (Frosted Ultra Detail) from Shapeways is VERY brittel.

      then again .. it IS April Fools Day .. or as I like to call it .. Joe Biden Dqy

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