Structures: Railroad

Buildings and Structures of American Railroads [Pub 1893]
It’s hard to promote this book too much. The sub-title of the book says – “A Reference Book for Railroad Managers, Superintendents, Master Mechanics, Engineers, Architects, and Students”. Covering all of the various structures found on a railroad at the end of the 19th Century – descriptions, plans and details. Amazing.

The Chapter headings –

  • Chapter I. Watchman’s shanties.
  • Chapter II. Section tool-houses.
  • Chapter III, section houses.
  • Chapter IV. Dwelling-houses for employees.
  • Chapter Vv. Sleeping quarters, reading-rooms, and club-houses for employees
  • Chapter VI. Snow-sheds and protection-sheds for mountain-slides.
  • Chapter VII. Signal-towers.
  • Chapter VIII. Car-sheds and car-cleaning yards.
  • Chapter IX. Ashpits.
  • Chapter X. Ice-houses.
  • Chapter XI. Sand houses.
  • Chapter XII. Oil-storage houses.
  • Chapter XIII. Oil-mixing houses.
  • Chapter XIV. Water stations.
  • Chapter XV. Coaling stations for locomotives.
  • Chapter XVI. Engine-houses.
  • Chapter XVII. Freight-houses.
  • Chapter XVIII. Platforms, platform-sheds, and shelters.
  • Chapter XIX. Combination depots.
  • Chapter XX. Flag-depots.
  • Chapter XXI. Local passenger depots.
  • Chapter XXII. Terminal passenger depots.
Railroad Structures and Estimates [Pub 1918]
This book contains a little bit of everything – a wealth of information for anyone interested in railroads. In particular, for the model railroader it is invaluable and needs to be in your library.: Track; Structural materials; Grades; Tunnels and Subways; Bridges, Trestles and Culverts; Elevated Structures; Ties; Rail, Ballast; Laying Track; Right of way Fences; Snow and Sand Fences, Crossings and Signs; Stations and Other Buildings; Water Stations, Fuel Stations and Shops and Engine Houses.
Maintenance of Way Structures [pub 1915]
This book contains a wealth of information for anyone interested in railroads. In particular, for the model railroader who models the early part of the 20th century, it is invaluable and needs to be in your library.

Contents: Includes an Introduction to Maintenance of Way Structures (Chapter I); Organization and Rules (Chapter II); Roadway (Chapter III); Ballast (Chapter IV); Wooden Ties (Chapter V) and Substitute Ties (Chapter VI); The Preservation of Timber (Chapter VII); Rails (Chapter VIII); Track Fastenings (Chapters IX and X); Stresses in the Track (Chapter XI); Designs of Railway-Track (Chapter XII); Signs, Fences, and Highway Crossings (Chapter XIII); Accessories to Track (Chapter XIV); Bridges, Trestles, and Culverts (Chapter XV); Switches, Frogs, and Turnouts (Chapter XVI); Work of the Maintenance-of-way Department (Chapter XVII); Roadway Machines, Small Tools and Supplies (Chapter XVIII); Records (Chapter XIX); Accounts (Chapter XX) and Annual Program for Maintenance of Way and Structures (Chapter XXI)

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