A place to talk about Sketchup. Some of it will overlap with my ‘projects’ page perhaps.

Someone commented on a 1912 Simplex I had in a scene. The tires are too modern. I agreed .. and did some research.

The tire to the left is what SHOULD be on the simplex .. it’s about 30″ dia on a 23″ rim and is about 4″ wide.

On the right is a tire from around 1935 – it’s about 28″ dia on 16″ dia rims and is about 6.5″ wide.

I calipered the tires on the Simplex (Matchbox Models of Yesteryear) They are 9.6″ cross-section, 34″ dia and are riding on 19.7″ dia rims! That cross-section is correct for a 1970 tire, the OD correct for about *never* – rim correct for around 1930

Here’s a better view of the relative sizes of the tires. Why do this? Partly I wanted to see just how different the tires were. My layout is set around 1940 .. or about 28 years later then the 1912 Simplex. If the Simplex was still being used I imagine that the wheels/tires would have been modernized.

I could .. I might still .. create a .stl file and have some tires printed. That might make sense for the 1912 era tie and wheel .. after all perhaps someone kept it (the Simplex) running on the old tire/wheel combo. For the more modern tire .. perhaps not. I imagine if I look around I can probably find something the right size.

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