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The Plan
On “The Plan” page I have each of the structures and most of them linked to a thread – either on this blog or a forum
The Railroads
As my imaginary history has evolved for my layout, the names have also evolved.
Lugoff, Camden and Northern Railroad
LC&NRR_1200– Originally I just picked a name out of my virtual hat and at the time applied it to my On30 modules. Since that time it has migrated to a Standard Gauge line and parent of the On30 Deep River Railroad and the Hill Valley Coke Company On18 operations. Since it makes no sense for a narrow gauge line to be servicing facilities and a standard gauge line in the same place, I don’t show the LC&NRR at all. IF I ever build a large layout that would change.

Thinking that “LCN” is incorrect. It should be either the “LC&N” or the “LC&NRR

Deep River Railroad
DRR2– This is the name you see at the top of the page – Currently this is the name for the On30 line. The story being that in the ( [insert date]: late 1800’s or early 1900’s – haven’t decided yet) a group of investors moved the equipment from a mine in South America that had closed (30″ railway) back to the Carolinas to move aggregates. The idea is that a dedicated narrow gauge moving aggregates (including sand and gravel), rock and minerals survives into the early 1940s. The list of minerals extracted may give an idea of how the railroad survived. It is the rarity of the minerals .. mostly metals that makes moving on a narrow gauge profitable.

Carbonadium, Duranium, Fiminum, Harbenite, Unobitanium

Since the DRRR is a subsidiary of Lugoff & Camden Aggregates I moved all of the DRRR to the top arc and added L&C Aggregates Co. to the bottom. I also reduced the font height. I used Baskerville Old Face; size:80 with both foreground and background set to same color and Stroke width to 6.0

Deep River Coal & Coke Company
DRC&C_1200– This is the On18 line. The small gauge is due to it running directly from a fairly nearby coal mine to the Coking Operation. I had originally named it the “Hill Valley Coke Company” – as I had to have something at the time. I was letting the On18 Plate Girder bridge when I decided to rename it the DRC&C – since the DRRR was adjacent .. figured .. what the heck.

Modified so DEEP RIVER COKE & COAL” arching over the top with “LC&N AGGREGATE CO.” on the bottom.

Loco Numbering System

I have a new loco for my layout . “On30 Modern 4-4-0 American outside frame loco (DCC) .. c. 1920’s. I was thinking about weathering it and realized that it needed lettering and numbering before even starting the weathering. That … Continue reading

Electrical Stuff

Stuff that sparks .. This is where I am going to gather all of the things that are ‘electrical’ in nature. One of the problems that I have had when creating the menu system for a webpage is that something … Continue reading


What Dat? Since I am too cheap to purchase a ready made backdrop I decided to roll my own. … Continue reading

The Plan

The Layout/Plan The Layout – such as it is – evolved from the long section of the ‘L’ which was originally two On30 modules. There is not much operation to speak of but this was the result of originating as … Continue reading

LC&NRR : Standard

The Lugoff, Camden and Northern Railroad is the parent of the narrow gauge Deep River Railroad and Deep River Coke & Coal. Everything is in a flux .. of sorts. I started with calling my model railroad the Lugoff and … Continue reading

Evolution of Layout

Carolina On30 Conspiracy Once upon a time in a land far far away I was a member of the Carolina On30 Conspiracy On30 group. I built a couple of modules which which we planned to take to the 2011 NNGC … Continue reading

DRR : On30

Outline My On30 line. The story being that in the late 1800′s a group of investors moved the equipment from a mine in South America that had closed (30″ railway) back to the Carolinas to move aggregates. The idea is … Continue reading

DRC&C : On18

Moving Coal via On18 I used Hill Valley Coke Company at first as a joke. To my surprise I found that there had been a “Laurel Hill Valley Coal & Coke Company” in Pennsylvania. I think though that since I … Continue reading


My Layout — 9 Comments

  1. Reworked the logos. All of them the base shape and color. To be honest I like the letter size and spacing on the first one, the Lugoff, Camden and Northern. The others .. that auto-spaced. I am wondering if I might be able to adjust that … hmmm.

    • Ok. Happier with the spacing of the lettering .. and the font is better. The only thing I think that would improve would be to make the letters slightly smaller – the LCN look better to me (and shouldn’t that be the .. LC&NRR?)

  2. I think you’re getting too anal. I like the LCN logo as it is. A railroad might choose that because it looks right and besides the full name is around the perimeter. I say leave the LCN. I know, it wouldn’t pass muster in the Army but this is YOUR RR!

    • Ha. The LCN (et al)exists only on this page 🙂 .. alas .. it may never exist in reality since having a standard gauge synchronous with the DRRR would negate the reason for the narrow gauge as portrayed here!

      Seriously .. I was more interested in the mechanics of wrapping letting around a rondel so it looked nice!

  3. Good morning , are you currently modeling or in a state do not know what to do? I have ON 30 engines and rolling stock along with large gauge live steam and 20 feet of “S” gauge modules which are now at Kings Mountain Museum for 2 months…I would like to see what you are doing…Bob Roof

    • My only modeling at the moment is ‘virtual’ .. meaning in Sketchup. I have been working on creating a 1:48 cargo winch for my ship which has been basically sitting on a shelf awaiting a .. well .. cargo winch!

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