Printed Backdrop – II

The Print
The UPS Store printed the backdrop. My cost was $21 (something) for a 5ft x 10 inch print. I got a 10% military discount so it cost me $19. Here I put it up just to get an idea how well it came out .. note I am short a couple of inches on the left .. remember my earlier point to get EXACT measurements. That’s fine .. I can fix that.
Same thing but after I cut the sky away so my painted blue/white sky shows. Luckily .. I found my swivel X-Acto knife which made short work of this.
The Cliff
As I said earlier I made the backdrop 5 ft long .. while the actual distance is a couple inches longer. In any case this area was hacked off pretty roughly so I also need to address that.
Thinking it might be a problem trying to paint the rocks after the backdrop was put up .. it seemed to me that it would make more sense to glue together a bit of rock which could be glued in place after the backdrop was put up.

I used Gorilla Glue to toss together pieces of scrap foam to quickly make the new cliff.

I let it set up overnight. My X-Acto knife and a wire brush to texture the top position to match the old cliff.
Since the cliff addition is removeable this will allow me to do all the texturing, painting etc. away from the layout.
To fit the cliff extension to the old cliff face I used some Cling Wrap between the two and plaster. Let that set up.
Glued Up
My buddy Gary came over so I fed him and then got him to help hold the print while I attached it to the backdrop with wallpaper adhesive. The cliff extension is in place for the photo.