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My On30 line. The story being that in the late 1800′s a group of investors moved the equipment from a mine in South America that had closed (30″ railway) back to the Carolinas to move aggregates. The idea is that a dedicated narrow gauge moving aggregates (including sand and gravel), rock and minerals survives into the early 1940s.
Deep River Coal Bed
This is a screen-grab from Google maps overlayed with the general area of the Deep River Coal Bed. I also traced a bit of the railroad that runs through the area – believe it is the Southern.

The three mines across the top are the Egypt/Cumnock, Coal Glen and another I forget. They are all in the same area.

Caddo Creek Area
CaddoCreekMapLGJust West of the Western end of the Deep River Coal Bed, the Glendon Carthage Rd crosses the river. About a mile North it crosses a ravine. Well .. it will be a ravine when I explain that I am exaggerating the vertical distance here by 3x or 4x. This will be Caddo Creek. The Western end where it flows into the Deep River will be where my pier is located. Maybe. Having fun playing with maps.
CaddoCreekMapA closer look.

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