Electrical Stuff

Stuff that sparks ..
This is where I am going to gather all of the things that are ‘electrical’ in nature. One of the problems that I have had when creating the menu system for a webpage is that something might make sense to appear under several different places in the menu. I have for example street lights that I create which appear under my MicroMimesis tab but which would make sense to be at least linked to from this section.


Overview I had been intending to put juice to the light beside Jukes and had purchased a small battery holder from Radio Shack. Playing around with that .. I realized that waht I really needed was a LED bus of … Continue reading


Terminal Blocks The drops from the switches and the straight pieces of track are labeled on this diagram. There are a series of terminal blocks under the layout labeled A+,A- … B+,B- … C+,C- … and D+,D-. Then the drops … Continue reading

The Programming Track

.. where I am confused …for a while My buddy Gary Wise came by earlier as his wife Linda was doing that ‘shopping thing’ and he needed a place to go. So we hung out a bit and discovered that … Continue reading

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