partsI had been intending to put juice to the light beside Jukes and had purchased a small battery holder from Radio Shack. Playing around with that .. I realized that waht I really needed was a LED bus of sorts. With that in mind I purchased the materials I needed .. from Lowes of all places.A couple terminal strips, spade terminals, wire and an old power suplly and I was good to go.
wiringAll of the terminals along the top are connected together to make a distribution connector.I might at some point add a potentiometer at the point the wires run to the power supply. That would enable me to adjust the brightness of all the LEDs at one time.
barrier_jumperSometimes I actually listen to myself and apply the KISS principal. In this case I had some brass wire I picked up at WalMart and realized this would make a great way to jump one bank of terminals to create the barrier strip into a distribution connector.
This is the bus as currently wired. The text shows where the leads from the power pack hook up on the right and a single LED hooks on the left side.