The Programming Track – II

My ‘Why’ of Wiring
wiringI figured the best way to start was with the .. end. I have a phno plug strip that I will connect to the outside world. That’s the back of it at the bottom of the photo. The Main Track and Program Track from the DCC Command Station, a DC Throttle, the Isolation Track Sections and the Test/Program Track will each have a male photo plug and connect to the female phono jacks.

I followed the wiring diagram I had created and soldered wires to the phono jacks. The center terminal is postive and the outer terminal is negative on each jack. My wire is red and white so the red wire went to the center terminal and the white to the outside. The other ends of the wires were soldered to spade connecdtors that in turn are secuted to the appropriate terminal/terminal strip .. according to my wiring diagram.

Looking at the photo .. for each pair of wires the negative (white wire) is on the right. Now .. I can work out from here and keep the polarity correct for each connection.

At this point I used a couple of pull-ties to create a mini-wire bundle for neatness.

wiring2So now .. I am soldering wires to the switch lugs and again, spade connectors on the other ends. These are again, wired so the ground (white) is on the right as you look at the photo.

In the photo I have connected lugs 9 and 12 from Switch 1 to terminals 11 and 12 of Terminal Strip 2. If you look back at the Circuit Diagram I have those two lugs (the two on the bottom right in the drawing) runnign to the DC throttle. Look at the Wiring Diagram .. and you can see that the common terminals on the other side of this terminal strip are terminals 3 and 4 which are in turn wired to the DC Throttle phono plug jack. Lastly .. again .. negative (white) on the right.

This is how I am slowly wiring up everything .. checking and double and triple checking before wiring. The wire is long enough that the control box will mount to the layout fascia and the terminal board mount up undeneath. I have two slots cut into the lower edge of the fascia under where the control panel will mount for the wire to pass thruogh.

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