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Carolina On30 Conspiracy
ModulesOriginalDesignOnce upon a time in a land far far away I was a member of the Carolina On30 Conspiracy On30 group. I built a couple of modules which which we planned to take to the 2011 NNGC at Hickory, NC.

Simple – two modules with a main and a siding that allowed loading from the coke ovens. The ovens were to be the main focus point.

Construction Begins – July/August 2010
Module_Assby_4Here I’m starting to glue foam down The river is blocked in and the first piece of ‘roadbed’ glued down.

I liked this blue foam. Lowes has since stocked a green version which while it might be just as good as insulation lacks the characteristics I liked for modeling.

Module_Assby_7A bit further along. I am stacking foam to form mountains, have the coke ovens mocked up in foamboard and am trying to locate where the siding will go in this pic.
Paint, Texture – and fun – November 2010
6nov_1By November I was painting and adding landforms. What fun!
6nov_3This was the part that it really got enjoyable. That other bit was something more like work. This though – was fascinating.
Stream_12Most of this scenery is pretty simple. It is the blue foam insulation that has been gouged and roughly tetured with any tool I had. The joints were filled ‘sometimes’ with spackle.
9nov_4Here’s the same area after painting with a tannish latex base color with brown powdered tempera that has been sprayed with water.
Columbia SC Showing – Dec 2010
MockingUpBy December 2010 they were far enough along to take to a showing in Columbia SC. The coke ovens are just mocked up and the On18 bridge over the gap is just a piece of track. No bridge at all for the On30 line.
nearcameraAndrew Gillette is in the back with his modules and my poor, barely started ones near the camera.
2011 NNGC at Hickory, NC
SONY DSCI had my two modules ready. Here they are at the convention. Photograph is by Larry – aka ‘Biglars’
DSC_1743-viHere one of Gary Wise’s engines makes it’s way across the bridge. I made the herald on the side of the loco.

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