The Plan

The Layout/Plan

The Layout – such as it is – evolved from the long section of the ‘L’ which was originally two On30 modules. There is not much operation to speak of but this was the result of originating as a couple of modules and that I am modeling in On30 and had limited space. I made the decision that since this was my fist layout, I would use this as a testing platform to learn the various techniques. In effect .. is is an operational diorama.

  1. The end of the On30 line I may add a staging cassette
  2. The end of the On30 line I may add a staging cassette
  3. Wise Engineering Works
  4. Widget Supply
  5. Switch
  6. City Bridge
  7. Building
  8. Joe’s Barbershop
  9. Switch
  10. Brick Mercantile The name ‘Brick Mercantile’ is directly from Clever Models.
  11. DRRR Pier
  12. On30 wharf siding
  13. Juke’s Boats
  14. Lead into the Critter Shed
  15. On18 wooden trestle
  16. Maintenance Shed
  17. Critter Shed
  18. On30 Plate Girder Bridge
  19. Oil Tank
  20. Pump House
  21. On18 Concrete Bridge
  22. Dam
  23. Switch
  24. Yard Shed
  25. Wharf
  26. Main
  27. Siding
  28. On18 Wooden Bridge
  29. Coke Oven Bank
  30. Raw Coal Bin
  31. ??
  32. larry Coal Tipple
  33. Coal Washery
  34. switch
  35. On30 end of line I may add a staging cassette
  36. Pump house for water tank(s). The structure itself is the O Scale Shanty #1 from AM Models
  37. Hose House

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