The New Plan

The Old Plan
I have been a bit frustrated with the layout for a while now. Originally the large portion of the layout extending from the end of the bridge over the river to the far right was a couple of 4 ft. On30 modules. The Coke Oven bank and the siding made sense as this was just a couple of modules that would link to other modules. After I returned from the 2011 Narrow Gauge Convention in Hickory, NC I put the modules up on my BR wall and called it a “layout”. The thing is .. what worked for an On30 modular club doesn’t work for a layout as small as mine because what I ended up with is really an operating diorama.

I had been thinking that if I removed the coke oven bank I would open up room for actual operation (perhaps) and a place for more structures .. something I really need.

Removing the Coke Oven Bank and future buildings in blue gives a bit of room for *stuff* If I figure from the edge of the road to the end of the layout I have 66″. The ‘main’ can be shifted up to about 2″ easily .. about 5″ with more effort. Finally removing the coke oven bank would add about 11″. Soooo … 13″ to a maximum of 16″.
Some Switching
I started with a classic 5-3-3 Inglenook. I knew I wanted ‘some sort’ of yard, buildings etc. and this seemed like a good idea.
I added a lead coming off of the top siding to run parallel to the upper On18 siding. This could be for transferring aggregates or people. Further along there is a runaround for the On18 loco. The inspiration was a main line and two sidings
Pretty much thinking that this is the way I will go. This would give me room for structures and switching.
Added a run-around to enable moving cars into the siding below the On18 lead .. and straightened out stuff a bit.