I-Beam Hoist

A while back I Reverse-Engineered the HO scale Overhead I-Beam Hoist Rusty Stumps had produced as White Metal Castings.

The photo to the left is from the Rusty Stumps website as built by Walt Gillespie. I haven’t actually built this myself .. credit that to the problems with designing something and having to have it printed remotely. That means creating a prototype is somewhat difficult since the procedure requires you upload a file to Shapeways, have the part printed, have it posted to me, examine and make changes, upload the new file to Shapeways, have a new model printed .. etc.

This properly I think is a combination of what is called an “Overhead Trolley” and a “Handwheel Hoist” into what Walt titled “Overhead I-Beam Hoist”.

HO Scale
This is the HO version. There are two versions of the ‘Headache Ball’. The one nearest is the original that Rusty Stumps produced in white metal. The other one .. the one with the ‘ears’ is my version. I mostly stayed pretty close to the original design in this version.
O Scale
This is the O version. I made changes from the HO version, hollowing as much as I could adding escape holes where I could. I tapered the rollers that run across the I-Beam.
Here’s a cross-section of the trolley. There wasn’t any hollowing done to this version as I did with the 1:24 version. I will correct that when I can for the next version.
1:24 Scale
This is the 1:24 version. It pretty much matches the O scale version except for scaling up. There was quite a bit more room for hollowing of course.
Here’s a cross-section of the trolley. You can see the various clearance holes – necessary to drain the support wax. If interested .. hollowing was accomplished using ‘Uniform Mesh Resampling’ from the Meshlab Filter menu. Pretty cool.
Handwheel Hoist
I found this photo of a ‘Handwheel Hoist’ online. This is much like the model – it would/could be attached to a ‘Beam Trolley’ to create something ‘like’ the model. Note the drooping chain next to the hook. I have made a guesstimation as to how that works but really need someone that knows these hoists as to how that works

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