Street Lights

This is a look at creating O scale street lights
From Wikipedia –

A street light, lamppost, street lamp, light standard, or lamp standard is a raised source of light on the edge of a road or walkway, which is used to provide light when it is needed.

Since my layout is tending toward about c.1010 or so I wanted to see some examples of older lights. Willis Lamm’s Traffic Signal Collection (And Street Lights Too) helped satisfy that desire. Street Lights: patents from 1910 through 1919.

The ones pictured to the left are from the Willis Lamm page and are enough to give me a guide. I’m not by any means going to copy one of these – but as a guide they are fine.

A test
Image1 (2)I used what I had ‘on hand’ or available at my local Wal-Mart to make street light. A length of Evergreen 3/32′ tubing, a couple of findings from the Beading Section at Wal-Mart, a SMD LED I got off of eBay and one of my O scale 16″ School House Light Globes.
Image2 (2)From this angle you get a better look at the pieces. The findings .. the ball and flower shaped piece had to be drilled out to slide over the Evergreen tubing. That was the hardest part of the entire process – just trying to hold them while drilling. I finally clamped between some wood. The LED is just sticking out of the stack. Finally, the light globe is to the left.
Image3 (2)A close-up of the light globe in place. I will probably just use white glue .. enough ‘stickiness’ to keep it in place but removable if I need to. The body is sprayed with a black primer – Homeshades™ also from Wal-Mart. I think just a little weathering would be enough.
Assorted 1
various_1Working on some more appropriate designs as I feel the light globe I used is simply too small. All of these have the same base .. in fact .. the same base as that of the light glove I was testing with. This has to do with 3D printing the globes .. you have to meet minimum wall thicknesses, sprue dia and such. You have to design around those limitations.

O Scale Street Light

Inspiration Once again I have found an excellent resource at Google Books. This time it is “General Catalogue of Electric Light, Railway, Telephone and House Supplies” by electric Appliance Company – 1916 This is the kind of thing that ‘normal’ … Continue reading

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