O Scale Street Light – II

The original design had a short stub as shown. I was thinking that the stub would fit into a socket at the top of the pole. I was slightly undersized (talking a couple thousands) on the socket and had to ream it out a bit. Note the dimensions .. 1.6mm dia hole. I looked at that .. then at the top of the pole and realized I didn’t need the stub. I removed it and opened up a larger 2.6 mm hole in the modified version.

That would be excellent because that will take the 0603 easily even with the wires soldered to the side.

Why go to the trouble? Couple of reasons. 1) Using the larger 0603 is nice. Not so much an additional light (if there is any) but having the option makes life easier as being restricted is .. well .. restrictive! and more important .. 2) allows cleaning the wax from inside the globe. I was amazed at how much wax was still in the globe even after soaking overnight in Simple Green. I manually broke off the stub and widened the hole a bit to get most of it out. That last part made me update the design.

Version 2

  • Removed the stub in the globe and made a large hole as shown earlier
  • Removed the socket at the top of the pole (B)
  • Enlarged the hole for the hypo tubing (C) from 0.043″/1.08mm to 0.045″/1.144mm
  • modified the base of the pole to accept a 1mm thick plug. This leaves an access/drain hole in the base 0.197″/5mm dia.

.. and .. that is how it works with 3D printing. There’s this thing where “… and best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft a-gley.“. However much we may think we have it right the first time .. there is a good chance things WILL go astray. When posting my models to MicroMimesis.com I will usually say something to the effect that .. “These have not been printed yet so if you order them you will be a BETA TESTER” .. with reason.