Louver/Slat Jig

Trying to ‘wrestle’ small pieces of wood .. slats .. into an opening to represent louvers was a major pain. There has to be a better way … this is my attempt at that.
LSJ-M1-V1This is the LSI-M1-V1 .. the Louver-Slat Jig Model 1 Version 1.

  • The large blue object is one piece. On the right side is a stop 0.020″ wide and 0.125″ deep . It has an end frame end in place, sitting on the 0.020″ ledge. The slats will press it against the stop.
  • In red are two slotted sub-jigs- the “Slotted Guides” that hold the louvers/slats. You can put up to 13 slats in the LSJ-M1-V1. These slotted jigs slide back and forth in the “Slide” as needed to fit the length of the slats.
  • The gray sub-jig – the “Sliding Stop” has a ledge to support the other frame end. This is also 0.020 in. wide and 0.125 in. deep.
  • So. The frame ends are put on the ledges of the stops, glue is put on the ends of the slats, and slats in the Slotted Guides. The Sliding Stop is moved so it presses everything together. Aleen’s white glue dries so fast that you would only have to hold it for a short while. If the frame ends were not cut to length before gluing up they would be now and the side frames added.
  • This would allow from 2 to 13 slats, length as long as between the stops, frames from .020″ to .. whatever
  • also .. have various versions of the red sub-jigs with different spacing/widths for different slats
SG-12-62-30-13The SG-12-62-13 is the .. Slotted Guide with 15 ea. 0.012″ wide slots spaced 0.962″ apart. In O scale 0.012″ is just a bit over 1/2″ thick .. about right I think. The slots are angled at 30°.

For building shutters/louvers in other scales I will have to provide other Slotted Guides.

Louver Design Numbers
I need to take a break here and do some actual research on louvers.

Searching the net I found data on several different louvers. The ones important to me to help create my additional Slotted Guides is Frame Depth, Blade Spacing and Blade Angle.

  • The table is arranged in order by Blade Thickness |Blade Angle | Blade Spacing.
  • Frame Depth: This is the horizontal measurement/thickness of the frame
  • Blade Thickness: 0.012″ and 0.020″ thick stripwood
  • Blade Width: (nominal) This is based on the Frame Depth and the Blade Angle.
  • Blade Spacing: Taken from online examples I found
  • Blade Angle: the 35° and 45° are from online examples I found.
Slotted GuideScale (subjective)Blade ThicknessBlade Width (nominal)Frame Depth (nominal)Blade SpacingBlade Angle
Slotted GuideScale (subjective)Blade ThicknessBlade Width (nominal)Frame Depth (nominal)Blade SpacingBlade Angle
1SG-12-62-30-13Actual 1:87 1:64 1:48 1:35 1:240.012" 1.044" 0.768" 0.576" 0.42" 0.288"0.066" 5.742" 4.224" 3.168" 2.31" 1.584"0.0625" 5.4375 4" 3" 2.1875" 1.5"0.062" 5.394" 3.968" 2.965" 2.17" 1.488 30°
2SG-12-77-35-10Actual 1:87 1:64 1:48 1:35 1:240.012" 1.044" 0.768" 0.576" 0.42" 0.288"0.093" 8.091" 5.952" 4.464" 3.255" 2.232"0.083" 7.221" 5.312" 3.984" 2.905" 1.992"0.077" 6.699 4.928" 3.696" 2.695" 2.079"35°
3SG-12-47-45-16Actual 1:87 1:64 1:48 1:35 1:240.012" 1.044" 0.768" 0.576" 0.42" 0.288"0.047" 4.089" 3.008" 2.256" 1.645 1.128"0.042" 3.654 2.688" 2.016" 1.47" 1.0080.047" 4.089" 3.008" 2.256" 1.645 1.128"45°
4SG-12-104-45-8Actual 1:87 1:64 1:48 1:35 1:240.012" 1.044" 0.768" 0.576" 0.42" 0.288" 0.105" 9.135" 6.72" 5.04" 3.675" 2.52"0.083" 7.221" 5.312" 3.984" 2.905" 1.992"0.104" 9.048 6.656" 4.992" 3.64" 2.496"45°
5SG-20-104-45-7Actual 1:87 1:64 1:48 1:35 1:240.020" 1.74" 1.28" 0.96" 0.7" 0.48"0.097" 8.439" 6.208" 4.656" 3.395" 2.328"0.083" 7.221" 5.312" 3.984" 2.905" 1.992"0.104" 9.048 6.656" 4.992" 3.64" 2.496"45°
Shapeways Model
This is where my Safe Harbor Statement goes as follows:


I have not have had this printed yet. To the best that I can tell it should work as discussed on The Railroad Line thread and as described here. I can not guarantee that though. I can not guarantee anything .. except perhaps that the sun will rise in the East tomorrow. If you order it through Shapeways then you become a Beta Tester. You can then help me with any problems, improvements and any other changes that would make this a nice tool. If you do this then feedback directly to this page will work (it IS a WordPress blog after all). If this becomes a viable product through testing I will at some point start selling it .. with a markup .. probably 10%. Those that have Beta Tested will be able to purchase the ‘New and improved’ versions at cost.



Louver/Slat Jig — 11 Comments

  1. Following the phrase “Put your money where your mouth is” .. I just placed an order for two of them.

    Oh. Shapeways generated a pretty rendering while I was otherwise occupied.

  2. I made something similar out of craft sticks and bits of chipboard to space the supports for a Clever Models water tower.

  3. Ed, I cannot readyour PMs on Shapeways when they are the newest one on the list. Please use my regular email ******

    My copy of this tool is now being printed, will let you know how it works out for me.


  4. Ed, I’m ready to give you my critique on the LST-M1-V1 in use for 1/24 scale (I know you really designed this for smaller scales).

    The slots are not wide enough or deep enough for 1/24 scale, wider to hold thicker stock and deeper to hold them steady. I found a set I could get .010 styrene into but .020 would work and .030 would be even better.

    It would be nice if the sliding stop was thicker (thicker right to left in your drawing)to make it easier to keep it square to the fixture and if that were done you would also want the main part of the tool to be longer to accommodate it.

    While the backs (to hold he frame pieces) would work as is, for 1/24 scale it would be nice if they were a bit taller.

    When I cut two pairs of slotted guides loose and I marked each pair on the reverse side, one slash for one pair and two slashes for the other. You may want to come up with some system for keeping the pairs together when not in use.

    None of this is meant as complaints, just observations when using the tool in 1/24 scale modeling (for which it was not intended).



  5. Ed, Looks great but you do not have to make a 1/24 jig for me.

    I just rechecked with a strong light and a big magnifyer and I cannot see any numbers on the slotted guides anywhere.


    • Well shoot. I put them there .. but just checked the drawing ….

      Ahhh. Minimum Embossed/Engraved is 0.2mm Height/Width .. and 0.5mm for Text. That 9.5mm is 0.020″ .. and I made them only 0.010″. Ooopsie.

      Ok. Can fix that!!

      But if I make one four you .. I may be able to sell a couple.

      My jig is sitting at the Columbia PO so I guess I will get it tomorrow.

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