Pipe, fittings, valves etc.
This is a general and broad area covering the pipe itself, fittings of all types from welded to flanged and screwed, gate valves, globe valves and anything else that can be gathered into this general category

6" Gate Valve

The Valve – No3 I scratchbuilt and then 3D printed 6″ Gate Valves for my Pump House. I go into excruciating detail in 6 inch Gate Valve – in that I said – “I made the decision that I needed … Continue reading

24' Pipe Fittings

Overview My friend Patrick Welch and I were discussing some larger pipe fittings – in specific, 24 inch pipe. For NPS 14″ and up, the NPS and OD vaules are equal. In other words, an NPS 14″ dia pipe is … Continue reading

6" Pipe Fittings

Concept etc. Way back .. long long ago I created a 6″ Gate Valve for a project. By the time I reached No. 4b (shown to left) I had created small stubs on either side to fit the ID of … Continue reading

O scale 24" elbow

HO elbow Since I originally created this elbow in HO scale it seems reasonable to discuss it a bit before re-creating it in O scale. This is a solid elbow and I am not going to get into the actual … Continue reading

4" Pipe Fittings

Wire and Insulation fittings In the past I have made small pipe fittings that look pretty good. My method is to take a piece of insultated wire, strip off the insulation whole and then cut the insulation into small doughnuts. … Continue reading