6″ Gate Valve

The Valve – No3
No3aI scratchbuilt and then 3D printed 6″ Gate Valves for my Pump House. I go into excruciating detail in 6 inch Gate Valve – in that I said – “I made the decision that I needed three gate valves inside the Pump House. My reasoning was : .. it would add to the ‘mechanical clutter’ in the Pump House. It would just be ‘cool’. Figure that they would have had – One gate valve on the line to the storage tank, a second gate valve directly to the coke oven bank and a third gate valve that would by-pass both of those to route the discharge back to the river
BrokenFlangesThe first time a flange broke off I simply thought it was me being clumsy. After several broke off I did some checking. See the flange in the center? The wall thickness of the ring where it broke is simply too thin. That is easy enough to fix but is one of those things that has to be done between a BETA product and one considered ‘ready for prime time’.
The Idea Expands
It came to me one day that I could expand on this theme – not just gate valves, but T’s, elbows and so on. If I made them fit 1/8″ Evergreen tubing I could run these fairly large pipes wherever I wished.
Mimesis 6″ No.4b
Pmm_No4b_6inThis is a modification of my first attempt at creating a 6″ Gate Valve that fit the Evergreen tubing via small stubs.

  • I didn’t change the area where the valve stem goes. I have never had any luck yet getting something designed that will actually print. I have used the smallest screws I could find is all I have done so far.
  • Two stubs stick out to fit inside the Evergreen 1/8″ tubing. This stub has a 1.752mm dia. The Evergreen tubing has a 1.8mm dia
  • The flanges have bolt heads measuring .6mm across the flats. This is 1″ full size or a 3/4″ bolt.
Mimesis 6″ No.3b
SURenderI reworked No.3 a bit. Made the wall thicker between the valve throat and flange and changed the opening for the valve stem to .6mm .. I found brass bolts .6mm x 6mm that will work for the valve stems at Scale Hardware.
Fixed area
thinareaThis is the area that I had problems with in my first version. It was way .. WAY .. too thin here and was breaking. I increased this to 0.310 mm.
dimI made this for O scale. I *assume* that it can be used for other scales. For O scale the 0.125″ dia throat needs adjusting ..

  • 1:24 – 3″
  • 1:35 – 4-3/8″
  • 1:43 – 5-3/8″
  • 1:48 – 6″
  • 1:64 – 8″
  • 1:87 – 10-7/8″


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