6″ Pipe Fittings

Concept etc.
Pmm_No4b_6inWay back .. long long ago I created a 6″ Gate Valve for a project.

By the time I reached No. 4b (shown to left) I had created small stubs on either side to fit the ID of 1/8″ Evergreen tubing.

Note: 6″ pipe has a nominal diameter of 6-5/8″. Using Evergreen #224 1/8″ tubing therefore is slightly undersize at a 6″ relative size. That 5/8″ in O scale is 0.013″ .. figure that is ‘close nuff’ .. but is readily available and works for me.

Sooo. The idea then was to create a series of pipe fittings with stubs so I could use the 1/8″ Evergreen tubing .. and connect pipe as needed.

6″ Flanged Fittings Ver 2
6_inch_flanged_fittings_ver2The fittins as I said earlier have small stubs that will fit the .069″ ID of the Evergren #224 1/8″ tubing. Flanges are doubled so to give the correct appearance. This set contains:

  • 6 ea 45° elbows
  • 20 ea 90° elbows
  • 5 ea Tees
  • 2 ea 45° laterals
  • 2ea couplings

I put them up for sale at my Shapeways store .. with a link directly from my MicroMimesis.com site to Shapeways

fanged_900Took this quick snapshot of the printed fittings. I ran these through my ultrasonic cleaner .. prob won’t hurt to soak a bit in Bestine