Quart Oil Bottles

The following was taken from www.collectorsweekly.com : Prior to our disposable metal, paper and plastic oil containers you would purchase oil at a gas station either pumped from a drum or in glass quart bottles which sat in special racks.
completeDescribed as “Vintage Original Duraglas Glass Oil Bottles and Rack” appeared on eBay. The blurb says:

8 Duraglas Oil Bottles Spouts Caps and Rack
Spouts no name plain

Lettering on bottles – Duraglas BW-1228 APROVED MODEL
64 MINN PA. SERIAL M-24 MASS 0-11-B”.

bottlerackCraig H. posted a photo of the rack and bottles he owns. Pretty much the same as the Durglass rack and bottles .. with a variety of bottles and spout shapes.
So let’s get started. Bob Santos sent me a side-view photo of one of his bottles. I will use this to develop a 3D mesh ..

The image on the left was brought into Sketchup. Once there I simply trace around the outside of the bottle and spout. A line drawn down the center so 1/2 the bottle is outlined. This will be used to lathe the 3D model. The angle on the end of the spout will be cut after the 3D model is constructed.

Bob -The bottle measures 13 3/4 inches from base to tip of funnel and the bottom has a diameter of 3 3/4 inches.

13-3/4 in. : In 1:24 that is 0.573 in. – 26mm
3-3/4 in. : In 1:24 that is 0.156 in. – 3.96mm

First Test Rendering
RenderTest_1Ok. I spun/lathed that outline and got this. The biggest thing I noticed first off is the spout is too thick. You have to remember that it is very hard to get a perfect photo to trace around as the camera lens sees the object it is taking that photo of complete with perspective. I’m sure that there is a method to get around this .. at least somewhat. In any case since this is also somewhat a generic design that matters little .. I can adjust the outline to fix this. The only other thing that comes to mind is the corrugations around the spout base that aren’t there .. yet.
Second Test Rendering
RenderTest_2I think this will work – unless Craig has some thoughts on changes. I’ll just go with this for now. With the pattern satisfactory .. I saved the file ‘as is’.
Third (and final?) Rendering
RenderTest_3I added the corrugated ring around the base of the metal spout. A note on that: The gear-shaped corrugations are .1mm x .1mm .. which is the minimum detail size you can print in FUD. They will round off because of that when printed. I also added a .3mm hole in the center of the spout as a guide if someone wants to drill the spout out.
wirerackI found a good photo of the wire rack on eBay. The problem I have is .. this is outside my ability .. not something that 3D printing would work very well if at all.
Product_004The closest that I can find are the 1:24 milk crates from Wildhare Models. I have no idea really what size or how many milk bottles these are supposed to hold.
Solid Carrier – O Scale Concept
rack_1-48_SW_2Bob Santos attached a drawing of a solid carrier to one of his comments below. Funny .. I had drawn up something similar last night (great minds think alike and all that I guess). Not having any experience in Photoetching I am going to stay with designing for a 3D print. This one is in O scale. That means the walls are thick .. but again .. I am limited by the minimum .3mm wall thickness necessary to print in FUD. This would be about 9/16″ thick full size .. so while overly thick .. I can live with it.
Solid Carrier – 1:24 Concept
1-24rackrenderHere’s the 1:24 version. The .3mm walls are much closer to scale now .. they would be about 9/32″ thick full size. That’s the dividers actually. I made the exterior walls thicker at .4mm .. which would be about 3/8″.
1:24 Models
Digital Preview - not a Photo

Digital Preview – not a Photo

I created a mesh with 8ea racks and 64ea bottles to completely fill them. I placed an order so now I’ll wait to see how they come out. If they are good then I may order more – I need to start building stock up for MicroMimesis – that way I can sell individual sets to people.

I’ll leave this up in my Shapeways store until/if I am able to sell individual sets as needed.
1:24 Quart Oil Bottles and Racks


Quart Oil Bottles — 33 Comments

  1. Ed, 12 milk bottles came in those carriers. My father delivered milk for a company up state NY
    for a short time. I went with him a couple times….

    So, I am interested in a case of oil and a dozen school lights. The beer case will just as good as the wire rack…fro the oil bottles…..Thanks Ed!

    Lest we forget’ Don’t tread on me’ 4th/3rd, 11th LIB/23rd INF. Temp Recon/Snipers, for the 11th Armored Cav, North Central Highlands/Laos…1970.

      • I’m watching that game right now!!!

        Ed, Back when I made the oil bottles and carry case, I found some in an antique book that were made from sheet metal. I’m pressed for time this weekend but will try to get something to you soon. I think you could do it in printing as it would be no more difficult than your beer case.


        • I can … umm .. extemporize somewhat. I’m of the opinion that if I make something up .. I will bet that something similar was actually made some where .. sometime

          • Ed, I have a house full of guests coming today for a family Christmas get-together, will try to find those photos tomorrow. In the meantime, here’s a quick (and awful) sketch of what it looked like. The dividers held six oil bottles. the height of the box sides was a bit over half way up the bottles, the finger slot at the top was just above the tops of the bottle spouts and it had a rubber (?) wrap at the top to make carrting it more comfortable.

  2. If the Navy is wearing is wearing those words, they were stolen from the US ARMY.
    Check it out in Army history……The nerve of the Navy! Ed, I just thought, if you were are making these items, perhaps you could make some extra ones. I would send you an emal pay pal payment for what ever you think it’s worth to you. However, if it is an inconvenience for you. I understand. If you are selling these things on Shapeways. I guess, I could go that route as well. Let me know what is best for you….
    Regards, and Thanks

    • yeah .. but hey flew the Gadsden flag from US Navy ships since 2002 .. so I have to give them thumbs up for that. 🙂

      SFC Ed Traxler Ret.

      Re: parts .. the more the merrier. I’m slowly trying to build up a little parts company just for fun. Once I am happy with some of them I will start adding a little stock and selling directly from my website. http://micromimesis.com/

    • If you were going to order in quantity .. like 400 globes then it would make sense to order directly from Shapeways. If instead you wanted like 30 lights it would make more sense to order from me directly

  3. Ed, Be careful here. Reading back through this string I’m afraid some are mixing up OIL BOTTLES and MILK BOTTLES. While I sent you photos of both I think you have only sketched up oil bottles.


  4. Ed, Just a suggestion. Can you add a small half round to either side of the area above the finger slot to make it more somfortable to carry.

      • Ed, If you plan a version 2 I would suggest that you either make the center board with the carry handle thicker or brace it from the sides with little gussets from the dividers in the box. As it is right now that center board is VERY fragile, snaps right off easily. (ask me how I know).


  5. Ed, I think that either the thicker center board or the thicker centerboard with gussets would do it. Maybe just the thicker centerboard would look better.

    Will have one painted soon.


  6. Ed, I discovered a neat tip when painting the oil bottles. Since they are hollow and open on the bottom, each sits perfectly on the tip of a round toothpick and can be twirled when painting. MUCH easier than painting them on the sprue.

    • hey Gary. Yeah .. Bob said that the center board was really thin and broke easily so I re-worked the design some. That is the sort of thing that requires the BETA testing I keep harping on.

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