G scale Harp Switch Stand

I posted a pic and link to my progress on my O scale Harp Switch Stand to Facebook. One of the responses was from Phillip Blancher – “Could these be scaled up to G-Scale? I need G-Scale Harp stands to go with my G-Scale switch stands on the fascia of my HO Scale layout.
dim_1Simple scale up from the O scale model.
dim_2Some more dimensions.
render_1I uploaded the initial design to Shapeways. This is just a starting point – I have made no attempt to modify things like the swivel pivot dia. This will be done after discussion. I haven’t looked yet .. but the various dimensions need to be adjusted to fit ‘real world’ parts. A good example is the pivot. Scaled up it shows as 0.086″ dia. That is 2.18mm .. so the next step there would be to find the nearest size e-Clip.

One reason I uploaded such an early design was to get an idea of the cost to print. In White Strong & Flexible it would be around $7 for each pair.

Pivot Playing
dim_3I made a quick look on eBay and found some 2mm and 3mm e-Clips. Here .. I’ve modified the switch stand for a 2mm and 3mm pivot hole.
dim_4Another look at one of the feet. I have a series of ‘pads’ around the Harp body – the intention being to first – add a little detail to the stand and … secondly – provide holes for NBW. Printing NBW at this size in WS&F won’t work .. the printer resolution just isn’t good enough. The 0.025″ dia would be sufficent for the shaft of Tichy NBW. The 0.040″ dia holes – the idea there is to insert appropriate size wire pins to anchor the stand. Finally, the 0.064″ ida hole is for the connection rod.

Again .. these are simply the result of scaling up the O scale Harp Switch Stand .. but seem to be reasonable to me.

Just dropped an order on eBay for 1.5mm, 2mm and 3mm e-Clips. This is coming from China so I expect it will take at least a month .. so .. I may be surprised when they finally get here.


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