O Scale HSS – V

Version 7
I skipped forward a bit to what I can call “Version 7” of the Harp Switch Stand.

I added bolt heads to all the places I had originally had holes leaving the holes on the base along. I think the procedure I used for my modified Caboose Ground Throw will work here

I *think* I can make up the operating handle, throw rod and pivot pin as shown from brass. I have the small e-clips (ordered off of eBay) so it would require turning the pin which I am pretty sure I can do on my lathe.
The pin. The hardest part in turning this on the lathe is grinding a cutting tool to make the groove. I have plenty of the small 1.2mm e-clips so that’s no problem. While the e-clip would not be prototypical it would be fairly small and unobtrusive. In any case … putting it on the side away from the observer would fix that problem.
Shapeways models
.. and here’s the model as uploaded to Shapeways. I made a set of 8 .. I figure I can use at least 4 for my current trackwork (perhaps more later) and can let Andrew Gillete have a couple of the others.