Older Transformers c.1920

c.1918 – four images –

  • Fig.52 – 8000 KV .. quite .. ugly I must say
  • Fig 53 – 10,000 KV .. appears to have three cables on the left .. not sure if on the right are cables or somethign else. I guess the “Oil Conservator” is the tank on top
  • Fig 54 – Oval corrugated tank with radiator. Might be fun to make one of these
  • Fig 55 – 15 KV ‘standard’
1918_2Fig 56 – 8000 KV. This one is quite interesting. Oval tank with radiators all around it. If my count is right .. there are something like 20 radiators spiraling around it
1918_3Three 1000 KV transformers .. nicely ribbed .. one with one of those oil Conservators
1918_4Figs. 5 and 6. – I find this curious. A 5 KV utility pole transfomer with both Two-phase (Poly-Phase) and Three-phase outputs. Also note that the primary wires enter from underneath. Also .. there are four brackets on the rear for mounting.
1920_1I rather like the one on the left with the corrugated exterior, lift rings etc. The one on the right appears to be poly-phase (4-wire)
transradiatorFinally, another tank type with radiators. Looks like eight radiators. Says this style ranges from 300 to 3000 KV