Wheels and Tires
Wheels and Tires

Wheels and Tires

A couple of photos of the car found on-line gave me enough to work with. I’m not concerned about getting the model exactly like the original – just something that is near to it.

Even a cursory look at the wheels and tires in these photos tells us that the ones on the model are quite a bit off.

tiresI think that I need two tires. One mounted on the wheel and one dismounted — files are in ../MicroMimesis/1927 Talbot/Tire/

  • Mounted – I thought for a bit about a single wheel/tire print – which would be easiest but in the end cause problems with painting. I figure it would be MUCH easier to paint the wheels and tires separately and assemble. With this in mind it seems to me that a solid tire makes sense .. minus delicate (relative) beading to break off. – TireSolid-Pmm.skp
  • Dis-Mounted – My Talbot carried a spare tire mounted in front of the driver’s door (note to self: This is an European automobile and this is the right side – which needs to be switched to the left to Americanize the vehicle). In this case the tire is shown mounted on a wheel. Other photos of cars show just the tire. In any case a tire dismounted showing the hollow inside would be useful. – TireHollow-Pmm.skp

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