Wheels and Tires
Wheels and Tires

Wheels and Tires

A couple of photos of the car found on-line gave me enough to work with. I’m not concerned about getting the model exactly like the original – just something that is near to it.

Even a cursory look at the wheels and tires in these photos tells us that the ones on the model are quite a bit off.

modelwheelThe chrome plastic thing up top is the wheel that came with the Talbot. The Sketchup model on the bottom is a simplified version – ‘good nuff’ to get the measurements I need.

  1. The length of the wheel hub measures .155″ – This is critical – at least for dimensioning. The new hub can be a different length but note that the center of the wheel is half this dimension – .0775″ – and has to be taken into account to center the new wheel – Probably not critical but use as a guide
  2. The wheel width is .122″
  3. The hub sticks out from the spokes .063″ – Probably not critical but use as a guide
  4. The hub diameter is .145″ – Probably not critical but use as a guide
  5. The hole for the axle shaft is .073″ – Critical – the diameter has to be exact to fit the axle shaft. The original is cast completely through with the axle end rolled over to secure the wheel. The new wheel will have the axle shaft stop short of passing through so care has to be taken with the depth
Model Wheel Section
Model Wheel Sectioned

Model Wheel Sectioned

Here’s the above sectioned so the dimensions can be seen easier. Pretty much all said I think.
New Wheel Section
Mimesis Wheel

Mimesis Wheel

Now – a section of the “New and Improved” wheel. From the face of the hub to the center of the wheel it is 0.078″ .. the same as the model wheel. The only chancy thing is the depth of the socket for the axle shaft. The model wheel had 0.155″ – with the axle passing completely through. This version is only 0.078″ – about half – so care will have to be taken to ensure that the wheel is set at 90° to the axle shaft.
CompareI think this came out pretty well as it gives at the very least the sense of the original.

Note: Making a tire is pretty easy. You draw a section profile .. and simply lathe it (use the ‘Follow Me’ tool. Tread that is like this just grooves is no problem .. but if you are making tread with bits at an angle you have to lathe the tire .. slice into sections .. add the tread manually to a section and then spin that as an array to make the tire.

(So I can keep track)
  1. Ver 1 – Original. Worked but was most crude.
  2. Ver 2 – Re-Worked completely. Fixed problems.
  3. Ver 3BDMThese are stored in – ../MicroMimesis/1927 Talbot/Wheels/3B/ – Version 3, change B of the Dis-Mounted wheel. I fixed various wall thicknesses and beveled those thicker edges .2″ – sightly over minimum detail. See if this works.
    • 3BDM-FS.skp (full size) – 1.106KB 11/15/2013
    • 3BDM-Pmm.skp (Pseudo-MilliMeter size) – 1.107 11/15/2013
Printed and Painted
PaintedWheels-800Wow! I last posted to this thread in November of 2013. At some point I had the wheels and tires pritned and just the past few days got around to painting them (took that long to get around to painting the Talbot).
onpier-800.. and here they are mounted on the 1927 Talbot.
I am going to call this Version 1 and it was a partial success. It printed great, looks good on the vehicle. The problem I ran into was putting the wheel on the model axle. I made two mistakes .. 1) the axle is 0.073″ dia (THAT in itself is puzzling since it doesn’t ‘equate’ for either Imiperial or Metric – in fact it is the dia of a #49 drill) and I made the socket in the hub the same. Wrong. I should have made it slightly larger. .. and 2) Trying to slide/twist the wheel on that axle was too much for the delicate spokes and I twisted the hub out of one. Of course … I SHOLD have ‘delicately’ tried push it on and then when it wouldn’t fit smoothly sanded down the axles a bit in my lathe (which I did after the fact).

To that end I have designed a ‘Version2’ .. where the hub is separate from the wheel. The idea is that the hub being just a little ‘knob’ with a hole in one side with stand MUCH more abuse such as pushing and twisting. Then after it is secured the wheel slides over the hub.

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