Mimesis AA – Pt II

Mimesis AA Wheel, drum and tire set Ver 1
AA_Wheel_and_Drum_set_ver1The files are located at – ../MicroMimesis/Tires and Wheels/Mimesis AA/
This Sketchup file is named – AA_Wheel_and_Drum_set_ver1.skp

In drawing the hubs are along the back in white. In the center are four wheels with lug-nuts. These are the wheels that show .. the outer wheels of the dualies and the front wheels. The two at the bottom are the inner wheels of the dualies, lacking lugnuts.

Note: I put holes for the lug-nuts in the last two with the idea that they could be used as loose wheels laying around.

AA_Wheel_and_Drum_set_ver1bLooking at the underside of the array .. and .. “we have a problem Houston”. I completely missed this in the design. I happily made a hub long enough to hold the axle .. completely forgetting to make allowance for how far the wheel sticks out from the frame of the truck. I have a habit of getting focused on one thing .. and forgetting the other. This meant that when I went to see how they fit on the truck .. the wheels stuck out beyond the fenders. Dang it!
Wheel and Drum Fit
Fitting_1In the drawing to the left I have a front wheel placed on a hub. This is of course easier to do virtually then with little bits of 3D printed parts.
Fitting_2The problem I ran into was simply the size of the items. The face of the wheel hub that will glue to the drum/hub is only 0.198″ in dia .. with the actual face width only 0.050″. The hub on the drum aligns with the hole in the wheel .. true .. and that helps. This in fact was the easier of the process.

A solution might be some small alignment tabs/slots. It wouldn’t take much – and would ensure the parts went together correctly. If I wanted a wheel that was dismounted then I would have to make one without the tabs but that’s no problem .. in fact just leave this original along and modify a copy.

Fitting_3With the dualie rear wheels the problem is doubled. The face of one wheel glues to the face of the drum and then another wheel, now turned 180° is glued to the first wheel. Again .. this does work but is problematic .. again .. because of the size of the parts it is easy to misalign or have one of them at an angle.

.. and again, the solution would be small interlocking tabs and slots …

… or …

Create a single duallie wheel as one part .. which has appeal. That way I only have to worry about where they mate to the drum.

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